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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by rurprider (2)

Article: Chris Sharma frees Stoking the Fire 5.15b
Way to go, Chris! And the hits just keep on coming.

Article: Geology for Climbers, Part II: In a Sedimental Mood
Nice article, camhead, but as we all know the ratings at The Gunks are WAY "wacked!" Quartz conglomerate that forms horizontals that makes 5.6s that can be climbed naked??? Get us a broke! Shockley's Ceiling may carry a Gunks 5.6 rating, but in Joshua Tree (known for stiff ratings) it would be rated 5.10a. I get such a laugh when I read in Climbing Magazine about "my favorite 5.10" and Russ Clune offers up a Gunks 5.10b that would be 5.11c elsewhere. I appreciated your knowledge of Geology, but next time don't include SANDBAG Gunks routes to make a point regarding rock characteristics.