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Re: [squierbypetzl] Teaching kids knots
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Yeah teaching kids is tough....not much attention span in many cases. When I taught guitar to kids, I would ask what songs they liked, and then teach him/her one and introduce concepts off what the song had. Lots of kids like blink 182, who base a lot of their melodies of one scale... So I'd show them the riff and then say "look, all it is are these notes." Then they would look at me and say "show me more!" All kids want is to have fun, most often

You're right about having to make it interesting, and nemonic devices such as rhymes ect. help. Have you tried the car-road analogy for the 8? In terms of retracing the actual knot, my teacher always said to treat the 8 as a road and the end of the rope as a car and the car follows the road. Easy way to rememberWink If he's having trouble forming the actual fig 8 framework for the knot from a straight piece of rope, then try having him take the end of the rope and go "up the tree, around the tree, down the tree and through the rabbit hole into hell" or something lol.

Or just tell him each time he screws it up you'll drop him when he climbs. Problem solvedCool

In terms of parents, explain to them what you said in your OP; you have a plan to teach them to climb as well as how do do it safely. If they give you hell, tell them you're just trying to keep everyone safe. If they still have issues, key their car

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