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Jan 24, 2007, 12:31 PM

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Re: [uasunflower] Portaledge question
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uasunflower wrote:
to do the Nose or Muir you probably don't need anything, on Zodiac a hammoc can do? Can 2 people get into a 1-person hammoc or is it a better idea to carry 2? Do you bring a sleeping bag up El Cap in May or is bivy sack enough?

Going faster and lighter than you are dialed to do is a good way to need to bail...And I"ve done so many times b/c I didn't move as fast as my lightness demanded.

Hammocks suck a lot. I'm not kidding. 2 people in a wall hammock, unless you were trying to save your life from a storm, would probably end up being 2 people taking turns in the hammock and sitting on the bag and zero people getting a real nights sleep. They have their place (as a 'just in case I don't make the ledge' or as a 'there's only one bivy' item) but you could end up bailing over the lack of sleep that you experienced with one...especially on your first wall.

You'd have to be exceptional to manage the Muir w/o a ledge for your first wall...Or to manage it at all for that matter. The length will make for a lot of a logistics. I'm sure I coudn't do it w/o a ledge. It would probably be a big challenge for me as a 10 day heavy-hauling affair.

You'll want a sleeping bag.

I totally agree w/ pmyche that it doesn't begin and end w/ the gizmos. I'm kind of into roughing it and being as minimal as I can be on walls even if it's not particularly comfortable, but some kinds of discomfort can only really be endured when everything else runs like a well oiled machine under the best of circumstances.

You can probably borrow a ledge if you're in camp long enough to make friends...which isn't that hard for gals who climb walls or want to.

Otherwise a decent platform of some sort (cot, board, lawn chair...something flat) is in order if your route doesn't have lots of natural ledges. Luckily nature provides the ledges on so many routes...and sleeping right on the rock is always a special part of the experience, IMO.

Where are you at in Belgium, BTW? I used to live in Namur.

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