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May 3, 2007, 5:40 AM

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Re: [dingus] Are Noobs Killing Our Sport?
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Clarify "Noobs" exactly. That makes a big difference re: a reply. Am I a "Noob"? To some, maybe. To myself, no. I have been climbing for 5 years or so but do not climb a high grade considering that length of time. My two daughters and husband climb as well. None of us are big shot, ego climbers either. We respect nature and are sensitive to access issues. We learn as we go. In the beginning we probably made a lot of mistakes regarding climbing ethics due to lack of info. It is the responsibility of the seasoned climbers to teach this to the Noobs, not to separate from them. The noobs will either find they love climbing or hate it or do somethings really unsafe and get hurt pretty bad or die. Again, seasoned climbers have a responsibility. Everyone was a Noob. I didn't have the luxury of learning from a mentor and had to learn mostly on my own, I also had a couple of injuries and I don't get to climb as much as I want to and need to (family and work obligations - I didn't start climbing till I was approx. 32yrs. old so those responsibilities were already in place), therefore the reason for slow progress. However, it is definitely a passion for me. I like Sport climbing a lot, does this make me a Noob? (I don't feel a climb that can be well protected by trad gear should be bolted however). I have only led trad a little bit and am quite uncomfortable of it still so I only trad lead beginner climbs yet push my limits on sport. Does this make me a noob? I still toprope a lot, does this make me a noob? I climb in the gym during the "off" season which is quite a bit in NE PA, does that make me a noob? I climb quite slow on multi-pitches, does that make me a noob? I still have a million things to learn and often ask pretty simple questions of better climbers than myself, does this make me a noob? I really enjoy introducing climbing to others, does that make me a noob or a contributer to the demise of climbing? I don't have a big ego, does that make me a noob? Even though I have climbed for so long, I can still look like a goof on the rocks as well as my family members, does that make me/ us noobs? Well, I don't really have an answer to your question, just some things to contemplate.

I do emphasize however that seasoned climbers with good climbing ethics have a responsibility to keep Newbies from contributing to any "Death of climbing by Noobs". A much better attitude than sitting around and bitching about it, letting egos get in the way, and snubbing our noses at people new to climbing is to be good mentors. The gym rats who decide to wander outside will get weeded out once they realize the seriousness of outdoor climbing and will either stick to it forever or their climbing interest will fade like an old hobby. Meanwhile, for those of us who are addicted to climbing, we can help protect any access issues, ect. through passing on the ethics.

For those of us who truley love climbing, "image" should not be an issue. Commercialized "image" opposed to the more realistic hard core, intimate circle "image" of climbing. "Image" can come dangerously close to "Ego". If I let my ego get in the way then I would have quit climbing a long time ago since I am not climbing 5.12's yet considering how long I have been climbing. Hell, I might not ever be, but that is not what it is about for me. Climbing is a passion for me, I am miserable when I can't climb. I am competitive, but only with myself (one of many beauties about climbing). I have met more helpful, eager to share their experience, type of seasoned climbers than I have the egotistical type that snub their noses, considering me to be not worth their time. I hope it will always stay that way. That has always been a great attribute of the "climbing community", the respect towards each other, regardless of what stage of climbing they are at.
Just something to ponder..............

***Just to clear up any confusion or misunderstanding: There is more than one definition for "Ego". One definition is: "the element of being that consciously and continuously enables an individual to think, feel, and act." Another definition is: "conceit" - "an exaggerated opinion of one's ability, importance, etc." Conceit is the definition I am referring to when using the word “ego” in this posting. These definitions are from The World Book Encyclopedia. These two differences in the use of the word "ego" could definitely cause a misinterpretation of my posting. Also, there is a lot more to my posting/ reply than just about egos.

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