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Dec 3, 2007, 11:24 AM

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Re: [flamer] Aid rant
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Pure climbing is usually only done by barefoot children.

Wanna hear something really EVIL!! Sometimes I wish there was a 3/8" bolt ladder that went from the bottom of el-cap to the summit. Cause it would be fun just to be up there w/o much gear just chillin..I still daydream about winching a jeep up el-cap too...On those days I usually just head up the fixed lines past heart ledge and drink a couple beers.

I got so tired of the usual petty nature of climbing cotroversies years ago. OMG they drilled a tiny little hole in the rock... sacrelige..lynch their they drive back home in a couple tons of steel on a road made with dynamite.

Challenge is only something you can gauge for yourself. Sometimes you want a challenge that takes you to the core of your existance to face oblivion and control it with skill. Sometimes you want others to recognize a challenge you succeeded at as impressive to them, Something your community of peers will look at in admiration generations from now. Usually this is done by people living the life at the cutting edge of the sport who "see" the next logical progrssion and go for it.. Sometimes you just want to stroll up an easy route and enjoy the place.

A truly classic climb usually has many exeptional features that make it such. Can be a number of things. Location, Something that is naturally compelling even at first glance, A decent level of challenge, risk..the list can go on.

Vice versa I think we have all been on routes where we wondered what the hell the FA was smoking when they put up this peice of crap. Actually we arn't wondering..we are pretty sure what they were smoking.

A great deal of the rant in the video is accurate from a certain point of veiw and values ..but completely off base from other equally valid points of veiw.. One of the things I love about life is that you should never let the facts confuse the truth and that the truth is often different for each person based on their values and point of veiw.

Much of what the ranter had to say was quite true .. but also at the very same time in very well-outlined ways mentioned here ...BS.

Guess what.. none of it mattered to my truth. I love to aidclimb...usually.

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