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Feb 13, 2008, 6:20 PM

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Re: [stymingersfink] Nut Tool Attachment?
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stymingersfink wrote:
[fun with the backspace key Angelic]

ja1484 wrote:
cracklover wrote:
Some things are hard to discuss on the web. But imagine this. I take the tool with my right hand. I use both hands to get it in exactly the right spot, while holding the tool in place with a finger of the left, and torquing or pulling a little on the stem with my other hand. I repeat, adjusting the placement of the tool, until the tool is fixed no more than 4" from one hand the entire time.


You could adapt it pretty easily. allow for easy hand swapping mid operation. I tried it for a little bit and found it unnecessary - I rarely need to swap hands.

Alternatively, reach around a little. It's not like you can't with one hand.

Also, maybe I'm confused, You have three hands!? Why on earth do you need a tool at all? Wink

By the same token:

I take the tool, attached with phone cord, to wedge into a specific notch, and once in the notch, the tool is tenuous. Unfortunately the tension on the tool from the stretched phone cord makes it impossible to maintain the appropriate placement while preparing to pound. What to do now?

Look, if you look hard enough, you can find a problem with any setup you want. If you prefer your method, I'm not tryin' to stop you man. Just puttin' out there that I dig the method and it never gives me any trouble.

BRO! ...Shouldn't you be discussing this in your dorm room or something?Laugh


Edit: Oh I see it.

Little bored, are we? Laugh

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