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Apr 26, 2008, 4:06 PM

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Re: [dr_feelgood] The Lounge™
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dr_feelgood wrote:
wanderlustmd wrote:
dr_feelgood wrote:
wanderlustmd wrote:
obsessed wrote:
In reply to:
chossmonkey wrote:
T3h Chossy List wrote:

I deleted the redundant ones (hint....)
Okay, I deleted the ones you pulled out of your ass.

You seem quite violent tonight...
Actually I was just taking your hint and deleted the other ones that have no merit.

I meant from my list, toolbag.
I deleted the first couple as a peace offering, which you threw in my face.
This is war.

haha Toolbag. Add that to the list wander

I'm going to not add that as a peace offering to get our lists deleted.

Although it didn't work the last time.

Marco Carez.

This is not condusive to the removal of the list.
I enjoy pissing you and l'habitant off. The lists do this.

What did I do to you?!?

Do you want to climb at Cathedral sometime in June? I think I can rope Epoch into doing something as well...

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Edit Log:
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