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Apr 26, 2008, 11:48 PM

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Re: [macherry] The Lounge™
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macherry wrote:
chossmonkey wrote:
artm wrote:
Who let the Donny in the door?
We need a bouncer.


until i'm able to cliimb................i'm available if!

wait. she already banzd me once...

yeah, if.

ok. she'd do.

in a pinch.

WTF do I care, though? Not like I'm gonna be hangin' out with this bunch o' pillow biters anyway.

'course, OTOH, at least they're catchers, not pitchers.


the thread wjca mentioned in the quote above is prefectly suited to the group of predominant posters within this thread. don't try to fool yerselves, yer all a bunch of cubicle-clad donnies.

now, if y's'all wanna be sum real climber types, why don't yas quit them desk jobs and spend a year or two being a dirt-bag, climbing in as many different places you can hitch-hike to, while wonderin where the next meal's gonna come from, eh?

yeah, that's what I thought. bunch o feckin computer nerds who thought they could be climbers or sumpin'. whatever. you kin have yer little ghey-bar, i'm gonna be a little too busy climbin on rocks over the next six months to bother trying to keep up with you post-whores. don't forget to clock in!

sumbody pass me that bottle o scotch, wills ya? (hic) my glass is M-T

edit: just a snip in my sobriety.

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