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Apr 28, 2008, 6:46 AM

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Re: [epoch] The Lounge™
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epoch wrote:
wanderlustmd wrote:
epoch wrote:
wanderlustmd wrote:
epoch wrote:
wanderlustmd wrote:
dr_feelgood wrote:
wanderlustmd wrote:
dr_feelgood wrote:
wanderlustmd wrote:
obsessed wrote:
In reply to:
chossmonkey wrote:
T3h Chossy List wrote:

I deleted the redundant ones (hint....)
Okay, I deleted the ones you pulled out of your ass.

You seem quite violent tonight...
Actually I was just taking your hint and deleted the other ones that have no merit.

I meant from my list, toolbag.
I deleted the first couple as a peace offering, which you threw in my face.
This is war.

haha Toolbag. Add that to the list wander

I'm going to not add that as a peace offering to get our lists deleted.

Although it didn't work the last time.

Marco Carez.

This is not condusive to the removal of the list.
I enjoy pissing you and l'habitant off. The lists do this.

What did I do to you?!?

Do you want to climb at Cathedral sometime in June? I think I can rope Epoch into doing something as well...
I actually was going to proposition Doc into Cathedral or Whitehorse sometime soon. June would be nice as well. I'm free for climbing next weekend and memorial day weekend (that last one has stipulations). My June weekend is ah-taken with the Rumney Ruckus - though trad Friday is looking like a send on Whitney-Gillman at the notch.



I don't get back until June 1st, so those two weekend are out for me. When is the ruckus? I'm around until June 20
The Ruckus is June 20 - 22. link

Though with enough advanced notice I can get out for the day. WMD, mid-week days may be feasable, within reason, too.

Plans are to go to N. Conway this Saturday. Going to try to make it a long day with a jaunt up Whitehorse in the morning and then Cathedral in the afternoon.

Sounds good, when I get back I will drop you a line and we can work something out.

Have fun this weekend, is it the first time out on rock for you this season?
This will be my 6th(or 7th, I don't really count) time out this season. Though, it will be my first to the Mt. Washington valley. I'm taking C with me - she's progressing very well. Though not well enough to be on her own, yet. Right now I'm getting her experience outdoors; getting her experience overall.

So, I'll be out and about Saturday. Yes. My first time out this season. No.

Yeah, I remember now you mentioned being out in a previous thread. I heard the valley is just starting to get into shape, it was a heavy winter!

Who is C? A protege, I assume? I'm stupid slow today.

I'm looking forward to spending some time on the barber wall, I haven't done the classics up there in a while.

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