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Apr 28, 2008, 10:34 AM

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chossmonkey wrote:
wanderlustmd wrote:
So, who did what this weekend?
Mr. & Mrs. Monkey?
Mr. Epoch?

I went to a new crag I'd been wanting to visit in Maryland for the first and probably last time. There was one route I wanted to lead, but couldn't because 1.) It was sopping wet. 2.) Some toolbag resuce squad choose this, the most popular route on the cliff, route to practice belay escapes/ascending to victim scenarios. Double whammy.

So we just TR'd some semi-dry lines and belayed my friend's daughter, an adorable 6 year old. She was scrambling around pretty good, it was fun to watch.

At one point I was messing with her a little bit by telling her to "use the wet holds because the rock is super clean." She turns and looks at me for a long second, and says (stone-cold serious) "I'm smarter than that, you know."

hahaha. Good day, overall.
Well Mr. & Mrs. monkey did each other.Laugh

We also climbed on Sat. We didn't go Sunday because Bec had to work and we were both pretty beat up from Sat. My back is still really sore.

Bec got to really see firsthand what 5.12 is all about.

Its was a really nice day on Sat. Despite the forecast rain never showing up. It was almost to warm in the morning, but cooled off in the afternoon. I climbed in shorts all day. The cliff was almost completely vacant. We saw two other groups all day and never shared a section of cliff with them.

We ended up climbing in a group of three since Party Girl wanted to sleep in then couldn't find us when she showed up. It would have been nice to have had four. So we could have climbed quicker, but we still went home a little early. Mostly because of the bugs though.

Yes, how could I forget Toady!? Sorry Toady.

Did Bec fire the .12s? That awesome that you guys had the place to yourselves.

The forecast was indeed screwed up (again) this weekend. I didn't plan much for Saturday due to the "rain," and went a little stir-crazy watching it get nicer and nicer. And Sunday it ended up moist when it called for sun. Go figure...

Shame on Toady for not showing up until late! I'm betting she was "hiking the Bruce trail" or something....Sly

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