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Oct 21, 2008, 7:23 PM

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Re: [irregularpanda] what do you anchor yourself to the belay with?
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irregularpanda wrote:
socalclimber wrote:
irregularpanda wrote:
socalclimber wrote:
irregularpanda wrote:
zeke_sf wrote:
fresh wrote:
clove hitch. wicked quick, simple, adjustable.

Yeah, what Squeezebox said.

Yes, what dingleberry and squeezebox said.

You really might want to emphasize that this should be followed by some slack and a figure 8 as a backup.

Just for clarity.

I back it up with the purcell prussik on occasion, just so I can annoy erkel the anti-SAR-nazi.


Hey, wait a minute, I think I've just been insulted....


So thereTongue

I just couldn't think of anything better than dingleberry, so I called you erkel the anti sar nazi...................

But seriously, I use the purcell and the clove, except in situations where I just use the clove. Stupid, yes. Effective, Yes. Simple, Yes.

I trust only a clove sometimes.

I honestly don't think this is a great system. I really feel that people (myself included) need to work with the gear they have with them, not a bunch of 'extras'.

THE PURCELL IS NOT DANGEROUS. What's dangerous is adding 'fluff' you do not need. You are adding fluff to your system when you do not need it. You have a rope, you have an anchor, you have biners. PLEASE TELL ME, WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED to safely attach yourself to the system.

The answer:

NOTHING. You already have what you need. Now, on long multipitch climbs should you carry a prussic, or extra slings to rig and escape or ascend a system, sure.

Second, I don't hate SAR, nor am I against SAR, what I'm against is the general SAR mentality that they know things they clearly don't.

It's there self abosrbed sense of self importance that is rampant thru out the SAR community that I cannot stand.

Just to be clear.

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