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Apr 17, 2009, 6:18 PM

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Re: [dingus] Suggestion - stop the personal attacks against Majid
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dingus wrote:
From another thread:

a-e-jones wrote:
maybe you should be less of an vague idiot and just tell people that someone died because he fell while not on belay

You know what? I am sick to fucking death of these goddamn stupid comments about majid.

Shut the fuck up, all of you.

And you moderators - Majid is attacked on a nearly daily basis on this site... I know you know because some of you DO IT TOO.

How about, like, doing your jobs????? Like, setting aside your petty personal opinions (because they are irrelevant in the context of your job) and enforcing the rules about personal attacks.

Shit, people can't ask about some name brand climber's marital status but can feel free to take pot shots at Majid all the live long day.

Man UP buckeroos. Stop the charade. Majid is one of us too.

At any rate, any time I noticed someone attacking majid I intend to start a muthafuggin flame war - every time I see one. Then you can moderate me.



I second Everything in this post!!! It needs to be dealt with. Mad Oh wait....I won't start a flame war.

Edit to add the "oh wait..."

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