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Re: [csproul] Climbing advise
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but can you find me one credible source of (climbing) coaching that suggests that a beginning climber would benefit from using a forearm trainer (and we're not talking about "warming up" here either)? I doubt it.

how's this for credible:
Brandi Proffitt. Brandi's a professional climber, international routesetter, Certified Personal Trainer and Nationally Accredited US Climbing Coach endorses a forearm trainer and says this:

Isometric tension of all the forearm exercises increases grip strength, reduces stress, tones and sculpts targeted muscles, reduces the onset of arm pump when used as a stretching aid prior to activity and reduces discomfort caused by repetitive motion disorders.


Here is a quote from a professional that emphasizes the importance of developing strong forearms for rock climbing.

”First, strong fingers are every climber's dream. And since the fingers don't have muscles, it's the sinew connections in the forearms (and the attending muscles) that must be strengthened.”
- How to Rock Climb-A Falcon Guide; 3rd ed.- John Long


from Dr. Amy Collins

The muscles in the forearm connect from the elbow to the wrist, controlling motion in your elbow, wrist, hand and fingers. One or more muscles may be involved in a particular activity. Strengthening the affected muscles is an important part of tendinitis rehab. A change in your workout can allow you to strengthen around the inflamed muscles without aggravating them. Change your routine regularly to balance the stresses placed upon the muscles.

Would you like more?

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