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Nov 3, 2009, 7:25 AM

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Re: [oldsalt] Soloing Forum!
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oldsalt wrote:
mar_leclerc wrote:
I am not hostile.. im sorry if I came accross that way.. I was just ticked that you guys insulted me so much over a little suggestion.

mar_leclerc, I am also not hostile as I write this. You had a valid idea to recommend. In another setting, it would be a terrific idea. The problem is that you have not been around here enough to understand the culture.

What I mean by "the culture" is that you are not yet one of the guys. There are other threads where people have discussed free soloing. Once you find them, read several from top to bottom. You will see three general positions: 1. Never free solo, 2. If you do free solo, don't tell anyone, and 3. Free solo and who cares who knows.

You won't find many posts telling people to do it, and I don't think there are any telling how to do it or encouraging others to do it. It is a very personal decision and a total commitment if you choose to do it.

You jumped in and stirred the water. Reviewing the existing posts would show you how strong feelings can run. Your post count identified you as a n00b. Your enthusiasm was n00bish, and your hostile reaction was very n00bish. The result was what you saw - people blasting you who normally help old ladies across streets and tithe at church. OK, maybe they don't help old ladies.

A blatant n00b needs to get a ration of crap. It's good for your soul and it can be very cathartic to the crapper. I think if you do more reading and do the search, you will find more acceptance.

To do the search, look up to the right and find the search function. Try:

Search [Forums ] for [free solo] [Go]

The first rule of free solo club: you do not talk about free solo club.

The second rule of free solo club is....

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