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Apr 23, 2010, 10:56 PM

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Re: [potreroed] Safety Sling, Girth-hitch to tie ins or belay loop?
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potreroed wrote:
jt512 wrote:
rtwilli4 wrote:
I usually don't start arguments like this but I'm just curios about what most people do. It came up in another discussion and it was said that your tie ins will wear out faster than your belay loop, depending on what you put the sling on. I always thought (and teach) that the tie ins are reinforced, specifically so that you can put nylon (rope and slings) on them without wearing them out too fast. USnavy argues that the belay loop can be rotated, keeping one area from getting stressed. This makes sense to me, and after thinking, I can see how the tie ins move every time you sit on your sling, causing more abrasion that your belay loop gets.

Usually my sling stays on my tie ins when I am doing single pitch stuff that I have to lower off or rappel. If I can walk off or am doing multi-pitch stuff, I keep just use my rope and a clove hitch to secure myself, and keep a sling or two over my shoulder to use when rapping or any other time I'd need them. In this case, i use my belay loop because it's easier.

More times than not though, I'm using my tie ins. I use my harness just about every day and the leg tie in point is wearing out. I thought this was from belaying, but maybe it's from putting my sling on the tie ins? What do you all think?

How about just clipping your sling into your harness with a carabiner.


I assume you meant locking carabiner, but no, I don't need a biner hanging on the front of my harness. I girth hitch my PAS to the belay loop.

As a rule, I don't need anything hanging from the front of my harness.


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