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Jun 15, 2010, 6:38 PM

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Re: [blondgecko] Darkside accident
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blondgecko wrote:
bigjonnyc wrote:

I was just looking to see if anything new was reported in the original thread and found it locked. I too have been wondering about the particulars of this incident, and hoping that those withholding information shortly after the accident had ever come out with a statement. Does anyone know of an official report or something?

By "those witholding information" do you mean the badly traumatized partner, the one who will have the scene playing over and over in his head for the rest of his life? Or the family, grieving over a lost loved one?

They are under no obligation to share anything. If they choose to, then they will start a thread on the subject. If they choose not to, then tough.

Hey. Smile

There was considerable debate in the last thread concerning this. You can see my posts and others regarding this matter.

EDIT: Oh you shut the last thread down. Then you should know and understand the issue.

To summerise. Of course there is no obligation for anybody to talk about the accident. However actively repressing infomation when it is fresh in peoples minds is counterproductive. Furthermore coming into threads to post that you know stuff but your not telling seems kinda petty.

Take the recent analysis of the Kaymoor incident. Details were discuss issue were learnt and reinforced and it may save a life in the future. Discussion certainly has a place beyond morbid curiousity.

We now have family members looking for an thorough explanation online but coming up short.

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