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Aug 19, 2010, 7:28 AM

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Re: [Rudmin] Clip the rope BEFORE the hanger?
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Rudmin wrote:
jt512 wrote:
Lbrombach wrote:
Am I the only one who ever does this? I'm not that experienced, but I've done it a couple times and it seems that there are times where it's easier to clip the rope in right next to me, then clip the hanger. I did notice that you must be careful to avoid ending up back clipped. Is there another good reason I never see anyone else do this? Maybe I just need to practice rope clipping from all sorts of weird angles and such.

On 99% of clips you have only one free hand, so let me see how you would do this. You unclip the draw from your harness. Thus you are holding the bolt-end biner. So, you put the draw in your teeth, so that you can switch to holding the rope-end biner. You then do that and you clip the rope. Now, you're holding the wrong biner again, so you put the draw back into your teeth, switch your grip to the bolt-end biner, and finally you clip the bolt.


It would make more sense to just rack em upside down or clip the bolt end to the rope end.

If you generally clipped the rope first, then it would make sense to rack your draws upside down, but the OP says he's only clipped this way "a couple of times." Even so, you'd still have the wrong biner in your hand after clipping the rope.

You should never clip the bolt-end biner to the rope. With use, bolt-end biners develop rough spots, and even burrs, in the basket that would damage your rope if you clipped it to that biner. Therefore, your draws should always have a dedicated rope-end biner and bolt-end biner.


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