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Re: [cracklover] Have you ever decked?
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cracklover wrote:
milesenoell wrote:
csproul wrote:
Do you really believe the results of your poll? I don't believe that anywhere near 49% of all climbers have decked. Of the dozens of climbers I know, I'll bet that no more than 1 or 2 have hit the ground.

Drawing strong conclusions about the proportion of climbers who have decked from such a small sample size is ridiculous, but noting that dozens of climbers, including seasoned veterans, have reported personally decking I do see as significant. Just from the numbers here I'd be suspicious of the veracity of your assertion that only 1 or 2 out of "dozens" of climbers have ever decked, but I am coming from a position of curiosity rather than one of authority on the subject. That's why I decided to ask.

Wait, so you really are looking for validation? You want to hear that "Everyone does it. It's just something that happens. Don't worry, it sucks, but you'll get through it, just like we did." Is that it?

I bet I've climbed with 100 people closely enough to know their history. Of them, exactly one (BEC) has decked. Gail, too, but while we've met, I've never actually climbed with her. So I can't join in the chorus of folks saying "It's normal, it happens."

And if it seems I'm being negative, I'm sorry. I'm taking a rather unpopular position, I know, since this is such a fresh accident.

Let me just be clear that on a personal level, I'm very glad you're ok, and I trust that you'll make whatever changes/choices are right for you.


No, I am not looking for validation. I am looking at system failures.

When my system failed it lead me to ask a lot of questions of myself about what contributed to the failure. It seems a natural next step to ask others.

I didn't post here because I believe a poll is a useful tool. I am far more interested in the posts and simply stuck the poll on for entertainment. Judging by the popularity of "pancakes" as an option in many polls on here you would have to be a fool to believe that these polls are accurate. I do however believe that the posts on here are genuine.

and in regard to this:
In reply to:
Then I guess I must be myopic indeed. In my climbing career, I've had one time where I seriously fucked up, and had to watch the consequences unfold. I was, I think, suitably hard on myself for my choices. At no point did I think "well, everything I did was fine, I just should have done it better." Instead, from the instant I became aware that things might go south, through the event as it unfolded, and still as years passed, my thoughts were centered around fixing, changing, improving, and how to avoid even finding myself in that situation again.

Yes, this is exactly the myopia I was referring to. If you fuck up again I'd hope that the thought would occur to you that despite your efforts to ensure safety you knowingly engaged in a completely unnecessary risk who's costs are paid in no small part by those around you.

In posting my story I made it clear that I was interested in making my rig more secure. My choice of wording in saying that my rig doesn't include back up knots or a second device seems to have given the mistaken impression that those weren't measures I was seriously considering, but that was partially conscious as my intent is to focus on the first line of protection.

Overall I think it's kind of telling that people seem to be expecting this to be about me trying to garner sympathy and support. As I mentioned earlier, my head was largely spared the trauma that so many other climbers go through. My accident was not very severe and support has come at every turn, so I am really not seeking support here. I am seeking the perspective borne of experience as I re-evaluate my approach to climbing.

PS--Normally I resonate quite a bit with your posts Gabe, but your recent tone is surprising to me. I am a bit suspicious that you are reading something into my posts that relates to your own experiences rather than mine.

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