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Oct 11, 2011, 10:37 PM

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Re: [dindolino32] Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Accident
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dindolino32 wrote:
I think we can obviously agree that the guide was a main accomplice, however hateful phrases like hanging someone doesn't do anyone any good. He may read this and doesn't need any more guilt or regret. The purpose of my post wasn't to blame anyone but more importantly point out that once again the main factor in an accident was complacency and lack of redundancy. As for the posts that say the fig 8 doesn't need a backup, it is probably true. But that 1 time that it is improperly tied DOES need a backup knot. Almost every climb involves weighting the rope to lower, so a properly tied knot is needed. Majid, please don't post anymore pointlessly negative or finger pointing posts on this topic. I'm sure your life record (as well as mine) is complete with many screw-ups, yours just luckily didn't have such horrendous outcomes.

I am a guide and an instructor so if an instructor tells you he fuc*ed, you better take it seriously cause next time we got to post a fatality report. This a serious business and no place to feel sorry for someone who does not pay attention to WTF he/she is doing.Now, you can argue with me all day long but I grantee you I am right on this


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