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training variables and bouldering
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When I used to lift weights, I experienced first-hand the difference that planned, deliberate, informed manipulation of training variables can have on progress compared to haphazard training, even when decent knowledge of training variables is possessed. There are magic set, rep, and frequency schemes that allow you to make and maintain progress far longer and faster than other very similar routines, and if you don't know what they are it might seem like making progress is impossible. But, once you are aware of how to manipulate training volume, intensity, exercise selection, rest periods, and rest days, progress can be predicted and expected. Without this knowledge, progress just seems to happen when it wants to.

When it comes to climbing, I know nothing about manipulating the variables. I just boulder as hard as I can, for as long as I can, as frequently as possible without getting tired or hurt. But, I feel like I'm just waiting around for progress to happen, instead of knowing when and why it should happen.

Does anyone have any ideas about how the body responds to certain intensities and volumes of boulder problems? Does anyone know of any way to use bouldering as a training tool in a more organized fashion than just going and working on some problems?

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