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Mar 3, 2014, 12:27 PM

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Re: [cracklover] Climber fell 12-15 meter during belay
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cracklover wrote:
cracklover wrote:
lena_chita wrote:
gblauer wrote:
Is there ever an acceptable exvuse for belayer error????

The rope was slick? come on...

And they cal lit a "freak accident" that could not have been foreseen? The belayer "let go because of pain"?

My best wishes to the climber for a quick recovery ,for sure, But man, they better stop thinking that it was nobody's fault freak accident because of the slick rope, if the description of what happened is accurate.

I agree, but the fact that they're not naming the belayer suggests the possibility that they actually do realize the belayer fucked up, but they don't want to get into it publicly.


The blog post (linked a couple posts above) confirms it. They knew the belayer totally fucked up and was negligent, they just didn't want to cause a stir for that person in the press.


I'd agree on the poor belay, but hope the climber takes some time for introspection. The climber is the one that will hit the ground and should take that more seriously than he did. They brought the eventual belayer as part of an initiative* to bring out younger climbers (not sure young = new, but portrayed as less experienced). The climber had apparently not actually watched the belayer, but assumed since he didn't drop another climber (did that climber even fall?) he must be OK. Rather than watch the belayer or test out them on something easy he jumped on a project where falling was essentially guaranteed.

He traded the security of a known belayer for getting some footage of him working a project.

* It also seems like a misguided "initiative" to take younger climbers out. It sounds like both pairs were doing their own things. I guess I'd have expected more interaction, mentoring and feedback.

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