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Re: [robdotcalm] Giving up...
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I haven't climbed in a month. A month! January was super busy for me travel wise and so far Feb has maintained the pace.I'm typing this message from Ohio :)

A coupe of weeks ago I visited my kinfolk in Tennessee. It was cold and I was not there to climb. But my big sister lives in Cookeville and not far from Cookeville is a place called Bee Rock. It was one of the crags upon which I cut my teeth as a climber, in the late 70s and early 80s.

Drove out that way from Nashville to meet my sis for dinner and got there with a couple of hours to spare, so drove on up onto the Cumberland Rim. Its so cool! Down at Cookeville, the rock of the day is limestone. Its kinda crappy limestone at that.

But the long grade east out of Cookeville toward Jamestown climbs up out of the limestone and into the hard sandstone for which the south is rather famous for; same stuff as T-Wall, Fall Creek Falls, etc etc. Its lovely rock.

So I found my old happy hunting ground, private property now as it was then. Apparently the owners do not allow climbing but they do let folks hike out to the rocks. And so, some 30+ years after I first touched the grace of Bee Rock, I found myself standing on top of it.

One of the most impacting events of my climbing career, such as it is, happened at Bee Rock. My friend Carl and I were top roping there one day. We had climbed the headwall for the first time and were feeling like we were finally climbers. While we were putzing about this guy walked up and asked us who we were. He saw our rig and asked if he could join us. Oh man this guy could CLIMB! Whoa, he did ALL the headwall lines one after the other and had us on them too.

The guy was Arno Ilgner, just back from Wyoming and his Fremont Canyon exploits. I climbed a bit with Arno, not all that much really, but a couple of early visits to T-Wall, when Rob Robinson was almost daily sending new routes there. It was cool!

So sitting on Bee Rock, reflecting upon the intervening years, all I felt was.... joy. Joy at being able to revisit some of the places of my youth, to still be a climber these decades later, to still be able to touch and climb the stone steep grade. ;)

A couple of days later I hooked up with my old friend Carl. He's my oldest friend actually, we met in the 6th grade at Burns Elementary School. Hah! Old coot is a great caver now, doesn't climb much anymore. But he took me to a cool assed cave on Superbowl Sunday and while it pissed rain outside we were crawling through dark caverns. Bad ass!

Anyway, the other evening I mentioned to LS that "We haven't climbed in a month." It was a statement of fact. I wasn't complaining or anything, we'd been busy. I wanted to climb this past weekend but California finally got some rain and it wasn't to be.

This is just rambling bullshit I know, sorry. But I thought it was delicious, that I was pining for the rock and LS was telling me it was all gonna be just fine. The sun will return and we'll be back on the rocks soon enough, perhaps this weekend (likely).

I can't wait... after all these years and all these climbs and all these pitches, through injury and sickness, recovery and revitalization, I still can't wait to climb.

Giving up?

No..... resting up. For the next installment of "Let's Go Climbing!!!!"


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