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Aug 5, 2015, 2:08 PM

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Re: [billcoe_] This place is dead part 2 (exclamation mark not needed)
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Bill has it right, its a dead site, with a few worms and some gas making the corpse twitch. This thread is a meta thread, a thread about posting threads not about making climbing posts. We are like Angels overlooking the casket.

Yes, the new owner has now re calibrated his site. This is what Absolute Zero looks like; or as close to is as stochastic noise allows.

He got what he asked for, a site without chaos, bitchen, bitch slapping, ripping, lying and threats of any sort. No disrespect here either. No fucking nuthing.

So you now have your calibration. A climbing site that welcomes Rokjox and those others who seem to have a attitude and a reputation and people who dislike them maybe, too. A site with a SHITLOAD of posts and replies, a barroom battle every day and a big return, a site vibrant with discord and making a lot of clicks;

or a drop dead quiet site no-one is interested in except obsessive-compulsive fist fighting old mountaineers, like me. A site even I can get nothing out of, it just that the obsessive/compulsive thing means that I tune in on the barest CHANCE something has changed, that someone has responded to something I wrote perhaps. Not that there is a real turn of the wheel, that the wind may have changed something.

Check Alexis for the rank. RC is dead and I would post the BLANK CHARK that represents Superstupids popularity now. RC is running on its prior reputation, it had a lot of airspeed and altitude once. Now it doesn't, its almost hitting the ground... ""So FAR so GOOD, EH?!!" the moron muttered as the plane dove into the ice"

I post it, but you can't post an image here anymore, still, right? Too cheap to put up the server space?? Hope you get done calibrating this dump before irreparable brain death sets in. You think this thing will just sit in a frozen hell waiting on you to get out of the hibernation tank?

You COULD HIRE some actual expertize. Not everyone that climbs are idiots, some are programmers. Better ones than you. With a little kissing up to your base, that bigass database that is, you might be able to get some worthwile shit done, AND in this decade.

Truth is, damn few owners are as smart as they say, most fatcats depend on the skills of others and a ruthless exploitation of blind luck. Ask the Donald.

Did he make his money by building shit with a hammer or by kissing people and getting them to do shit FOR him for less than the results were worth? Does he know what a hammer is?

Can you understand standard white street English? Or is this racist, demeaning to you and an nu-necesarily combative troll? Answer wrong and blow this joint off.

So hows that "Calibration" doing ya?

P.S. I'm 60 ...err... and I got 43 years of climbing in, too. I'm not the twitchy tween kid you seem to think posts on a climbing site. But if you want nothing BUT climbing posts, you will get nothing. Again.

Its lonely at the top. Its fucking DEAD at the bottom.

Alexis says that Supertopo, a plane crash in progress, lost 185 ranking places in the last 3 months... almost level. lost 16.500 places.
Steep dive into obscurity. No purpose, no energy.

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