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Nov 30, 2015, 9:01 AM

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Re: [happiegrrrl] This place is dead part 2 (exclamation mark not needed)
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Happi, the only "regular users" (in which you are not included) who do not have access to the website stats on users is the ones who are without-a-clue. Alexa and a dozen other sites provide extensive analitics on EVERY major website..

I wouldn't want to make it TOO easy for you, but explore that site and you will find a dozen solid statistics, all nicely graphed. Supertopo is one of the most stricken that is still alive. They used to have a posistion solidly in the 20,000 range, now they have fallen off the entire graph, alexa no longer publishes their complete states because Supertopo doesn't even make the top 100,000, if you can call that "top". THIS SITE has FAR better attendance than ST does, even NOW. As a "dead site" NOBODY is watching ST anymore, not in the numbers they were when I was posting there. Not for the last TWO YEARS (and more) have they even put a blip in the charts. COMPLETELY BLANK and forgotten. And it took them a WHILE to fall that far because of averaging errors. ST is now all about the "gear reviews" that never have a bad word to say about ANYKIND of junk or crap that is ever sold to anybody. Look at the front page anytime, even though nobody bumps a gear review much, they are always on the front page. Because nobody else is posting enough to move them down.


The guys you hate (and who hated you) WERE the top climbers. They ARE gone now, and it had nothing much to do with the battles they engaged in with each other, it has to do with how much fun the website and the posters were. And are NOT now.

Supertopo and RC are NOT FUN ANY MOREZ. The bigmouth self-righteous Christians, like yourself, got EXACTLY what they wanted, the death of anybody who posted ANYTHING they did not like. YOU RUN SUPERTOPO NOW! So what is it you don't like again?

I could still be posting if I chose another username, but I refuse to because I did nothing wrong and will not hide from a pandering bunch of sycophants all yelling in unison about how butthurt they are about people bolder and more thoughtful than yourself "controlling" the forum discussions. So WE badboys are all GONE now. Its YOURS. And who the Hell wants to read what YOU post?

YOU are the cause of the death of forums, you need look no farther than that. Banning people first because they had not enough credentials (like Fattrad and Lois) then because they were not respectful enough (to YOU) or because they talked "rough" became banning people because they had "too many posts". EVERYBODY good has a ban somewhere.

If you ban the most enthusiastic and prolific posters, it gets you exactly where you are now with Supertopo. And THIS site, too. And "Mountains and Stuff", and all the others.

Damn near talking to yourself with only a few people left who can even STAND reading the tripe you post. PLENTY of people have asked for your insipid self to be banned. Lets face it, you are a nobody/non-climber who should have been taken out and shot years ago. You are FAR too lame to ride. No man wants to saddle you even for a joke. You got nothing to say, and all those who DID have stories and sharp opinions are gone now.

So can YOU keep Supertopo afloat? Can YOU find enough people who love or hate your stuff enough to even bother to reply at all? I think not. You are just another hanger on, glorying in what you perceive to be bold and badass climbers hanging onto YOUR every word. But as you have noted, all the badasses turned out to be difficult and annoying people who did not pay you much attention. They insulted you. Wah-wah-wah.

So are you Happi with the "ten guys" who remain posting on that website? You ain't gonna get no strokes from Werner, you know.

Bye-bye Happi. Hope you choke on that Cracker Barrel T-day dinner. Must be lonely being you. I got a 17 lb turkey smoked for 7 hours at a table including my wife, some of my kids and some of my grandkids. Wasn't 17 people like the last time my wife did the meal, but it was pretty good turnout given how many of our kids are out-of-state.

Bye again Not-so-Happigrrrrrrll.

(EDIT: Just checked Alexa again and BOTH this site and Supertopo has fallen off the chart. This site is down 41.5 THOUSAND places this month. Rounding errors eventually work themselves out.

ST is running a 40% bounce rate. That means 40% of the people who hit the site turn away IMMEDIATELY and go somewhere else. And its not because they read some shee, they are reading NOTHING. Just like here, there is nothing TO read.)

MY how fast the end comes once it starts to nose-over. You can say it's still going, you can call it flying, but the landing is cataclysmic.

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