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Feb 23, 2016, 9:57 AM

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Re: [curt] This place is dead part 2 (exclamation mark not needed)
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Oh hell no.

I ran across Aaarggdam a couple months ago and was damn near about to pop a cap before he finally let go of my leg. Its more like "the walking dead" than a reality cemetary. Dead is dead in real. Uncorporation. Around here its a huige pile of mud covering/clogging the threads and a couple madmax types cowering in the ruins. Chenobyl, but there are tourists who happen by and get mugged.

But any of the dead can still be exhumed , mostly maybe. Just no reason to. Nobody has anything they want to say.

And then there is me. right now I am about the top poster and the only real visible sign of occupancy. That makes me the most visible Rat right now.

Rats are getting some use of the databases I'd wager. The Alexis for this site is actually got better stats than supertop anyway. This corpse now has more Maggots than "climber posters" ST has ever had in last 5 years as I recall.

Now back to work answering the expectations of random internet strangers.

Deer Shandy:

MP is stiff moderated towards business expectations, a site built to be a seller, a database driven product. I had perfectly NICE posts on two way radios redacted for some reason, without even a complaint or notice. ((maybe they just didn;t like Rokjox...)) I am an Extra Class Ham Radio guy, I have some insight and knowlege of the topic...Why they pull the post may have had something to do with them being all "our way or the highway".
Much difference of opinion is not tolerated.

Just saying.

The guys who responded to you there probibly thought themselves all kinds of capable of safely telling you all kinds of things, how to do it all. They certify each other, validate each other, motivate and regulate and obfucate with each other. Many make a poor living off'n climbing some way.

I think some on REC CLIMBING (these "other" sites) might atually realize how we is ALL amateurs, and even when we are not, we cant really teach you how to do this stuff. DUDE! YOU DON'T LEARN CLIMBING OFF A SCREEN. All I will ever tell you is how to get yourself killed. "You are gonna die". And then sue me for posting the way to do it for you on a screen. I see you coming.

I CAN SHOW you how, I could TEACH you, I have taught many. But if you want pediantics (?)go and get "helped" where ever it is that you best can absorb the nutrition you need. This may not be the place. I know better than you, trust me on this. You don't want to listen to an internet expert about climbing. None of them. They will get you killed sure as hell. Get a trad partner, the older the better. Young climbers have the odds and the odds are odd. If you havn't done something stupid a lot, its not surprizing if you are still alive, So Far. Old climbers have a history of proven survival IN SPORT. Thats a different thing.

This is REC climbing, not IMGA climbing. Those guys are all over there, and only invade these ruins rarely. Praise Allah. Pass the salt.

Yeah, I'd rather be a maggot on this corpse than a tool for business and regulation. What you want is wrong, not what you got.

Ban expectations!

You are really Gonna Die.


way too soon.

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