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Re: [jammer] This place is dead part 2 (exclamation mark not needed)
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Did your daddy beat you with a belt?

Did Yo Momma spent her time telling you what a dumship you were?

Did your brothers outed you whenever you did anything you could get into trouble over?

Did your sisters tell their friends that you werre a wanker who knew nothing about how to screw and you usually dropped
your partner before the finish?

Did some strange neighbor offer to school you on sex over the internet?

Did your grandmother tell you that you were doing it all wrong?

Did your grandfather tell you he did your girlfriend years before you ever saw her and
that he did her without modern rubber, did not take her to dinner first and thought she
was so unimpressive that he never even bragged about it?

If home was anything like this place, You got a weird homelife.

Eat dirt and fall, brother. Dead is dead for a reason.

PS: If your attention span is so short or your reading skills so poor that
a half page of text forms an inpentratable "Text-Wall"
for you, well, I'm impressed by
your raw determination to put me in my place. I really do support The Handicapped.

I am so ashamed. I feel the need for an explanation... see, I actually learned to TYPE
before the second grade, MY mother was taking a typing class, and I duplicated her homework on a manual TYPEWRITER!
Had to actually PRESS the keys and everything.
I was being dual tracked before they called it that, homeschool AND
public school, and I learned to think in paragraphs.
Oh, and Daddy taught me to read before I ever went to my first, first grade class. It's just the kind of guy he was.

It's quite noisy in my head, you should hear it... except that to you it might
just sound like the "Brrrappp" of a Modem.

Sorry again for the "wall of words". Find someone to read it for you, or just skip it.
Thats what most people do when they see a "wall of words" beyond their ability to handle.

They just skip it.

I really don't care if one particular person removes themselves from
the conversation. If you can't keep up, its perfectly understandable. We all do what we can, at the level we find ourselves at..

Perhaps I need to rate my posts?

""WARNING! 5.9+ Wordwall ahead with 5.10b cusswords and an R to X degree of risk to your ego!
Watch the runnout in the third paragraph!""

What more do you want from Me?

Free Beer?

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