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Apr 26, 2016, 9:55 PM

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Re: [jammer] This place is dead part 2 (exclamation mark not needed)
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You don't like "text-walls" so you cut and for no reason paste together a duplicate of the one I just posted, then added a little whine. How curious.

And you make a simple mistake in comprehension... this place is NOT "highly ignored". It is DEAD. There is a difference. Highly ignored is You. DEAD is DEAD.

There is nobody left here but the fleas and the worms.

This is the Highest Level of, the General Tab.

You think this kind of off topic shet would just set here for a couple fortnights (forever) if the site were not an abandoned building? This is Chernobyl after the meltdown.
The thread topic is "This Place Is DEAD, Part 2." You had honest and fair warning when you clicked the top thread in the top level post.
A little critical comprehension goes a long way. Be personally responsible for what happens to you.

((Hint: they WANT you at Supertopo. They love gumbys there, they will LOVE you and PAMPER you there. Go there. They will answer all your short and simple questions there. THEY NEED YOU.))

Kid, you are FAR too serious to be a climber. You got to take off some of your clothes and wave your junk around. Get a fkng sense of humor about yourself. You ain't posting stuff good enough to inspire big think kind of responses. Just having a personal need on your behalf puts no onus on my behalf to help you. You want help, you get to ask nice or you get what you get.

You are the one with the problems, not me. You want help, go ask someone who cares about you, or make me care.

With your attitude, well;

You Are Gonna Die.

Whether you whine about it or not.

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