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Apr 27, 2016, 9:06 AM

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Re: [jammer] This place is dead part 2 (exclamation mark not needed)
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jammer wrote:
Fleas and worms? I see you think highly of this site. May I ask why you are still here? I wonder why the only people left are those who tear the place down instead of build it up?

Flashback to the early 2000's. People came here to find partners, discuss road trips, create gatherings, share good times, provide solid instruction to new climbers, do new product research, ENCOURAGE each other. All the traits that built this site in the beginning are missing. Page after page of insults have replaced the valued insight people use to give.

For some reason those who remain believe the better they are at insulting people the better climber they must be ... or has the reason for the site moved from climbing to pure insolence?

And yes, there are many sites where a climber can have a normal conversation with other climbers without flame wars.

WOW, I have not laughed that hard in weeks. You talk about how rad this place was around 2000. Do you know what this year is?
I don't remember offhand when this site originated, but 2000 was 16 years ago. I had been climbing for about 30 years by them and I PROMISE
you that if that was the "Golden Age" of forums, well then you missed it.

Yeah, Go to StuporTopo, NOBODY has flamewars There.

(Damn, another burst of laughter, I am Gasping like I just did a 1/4 mile sprint.)

Guy, I "respected" this site when it was viable, but now its DEAD. DEAD. You understand Dead? ((STINKY))
Its still here because their bill was paid up by the year and somewhere a server is humming in the dark, waiting to be turned off.

((Is this a Go-Daddy site? I don't care enough to even look. Its actually irrevelant now.))

Thats all it is, and when the fee for the name runs out, it will go into the tank again until someone again pays for the name. But it is unlikely that all the databases
here of the past will ever be preserved, as the people selling the name are not the people who own the content.
And it appears that "Mitch" is dead. Forever, most likely. Our common future. Shared destiny.

And the content is too large to be really wanted by a new operator. Most of the actual route data and the advice you value
are duplicated and done BETTER at Mountain Project.

Doesn't the fact that almost nobody BUT me has bothered to recognise that you even posted, strike you as notable? I am the local virtual equivlent to Gollum,
a wretched soul, shunned by the powers of this world, hanging out in the ruins of one large structure and obsessing on the "Precious".
There are a few other hangers on, but in no way is there any "community" here any longer.

Unless YOU want to pony up some cash and take on the responsibility of RUNNING this site, then you are going to be just
another wanderer getting waylayed as you pass by. You are nothing special. You just walked into an Apache Bar,
damn near empty, but Whitey is not especially loved here. You had better flash some money quick before you are just thumped
on and thrown out. Nothing Personal, its just that you are proving yourself not only clueless, but delusional.
This is not 1999, and you cannot go back to the turn of the century. This is how it is. Now. The only real moment in all of eternity.

Dude, you better not go to ST, they will eat you as a snack. You are GRASS and they are cows.

Yeah, there are plenty of forums where climbers don't flame each other... but they are all on another Internet, circling some other star. But I like your fantasy.

Hey, tell me something about yourself. I want to know how it is you found your way here without meeting any actual climbers online.
Give me your age, sexual orientation and IQ. A list of remedial schools and mental hospitals would be fun too.

You on any drugs? Any GOOD ones? Have you ever manged to lose your virginity? To someone else, I mean.

I really want to know. You are IMPORTANT to me. Without you, who will make me laugh around here?

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