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Toucan Belay Device (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 4.14/5 Average Rating : 4.14/5

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I like my peacock 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: micahisaac, 2007-04-24

Great product. I've been looking for info on this for quite sometime, and there have been few online reviews that I could find (in english), so here you go.
First thing i noticed was how light this this was, even lighter than my traditional ATC. The only other auto blocker I have used to compare to is the atc guide. The toucan improves on an already great design. Where it excels is in the wideness of the rope openings, even though it claims to support skinny ropes i haven't tried anything smaller than 9mm (which works great). Another advantage is the way the swing arm functions when paying out slack for a leader. I've never used any device that pays out so well! The little spring (looks like wire gate) keeps it from binding up and it works smooth, and locks down just as good as my trango jaws. When thinking about the swing arm, think about how well it works in this mode vs. the standard "wire keeper" found on atc like devices. The last thing is the "auto block mode". This works very similar to atc guide, there is no difference in performance here with the exeption of the swing arm. Although this may not get used much, it's nice to know it's there. I had my follower fall hard on it and lock it up. I simply clipped a biner from a long runner to the swing arm and stepped in it (better than threading something throught the guide's eyelit). I'm pretty small and i easily lowered my partner. I don't see how it could hurt anyone or "pinch your fingers" as some have claimed. If you're concerned ask me about it. I climb 5 days a week and plan on using this pretty much all the time. Hope this helps!