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Wired Hexes (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 3.80/5 Average Rating : 3.80/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Protection: Passive: Hex, tricams, etc

and the winner is.... 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: super80drivr, 2006-12-01

Have had a set (various makers) of cord slung hexes forever. I've reslung them several times and use them on innumerable climbs. So, I thought I would get a set of the wired for all the obvious reason. I won't say I wasted my money, but if you have a set of cord slung hexes, these are kinda redundant. On the good side, they hold everthing a corded hex will, and almost as well: the stiff wire can actually cause you to need to rack more gear (slings, et.c.). In the end, these are THE bomber protection, since before cams were ever made, and this set is great if you don't have any hexes, but if you do, unless you just want another set, while these are great, IMHO corded are more versatile.

Livewire (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 4.75/5 Average Rating : 4.75/5

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Lightweight and strong 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: super80drivr, 2006-11-21

Spectra and this biner design is a winning combo. Yes, a longer sling would be nice at times, but as they are, the're specially good for trad with just the right lack of stiffness where biner meets dogbone. They clip easily, but the big plus is lack of weight for the buck. The're are lighter ones out there, but I only gave around 15 and a half each, which makes them pretty cheap for draws this light.

Pacific Dirtbag Quickdraw (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 3.19/5 Average Rating : 3.19/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Carabiners: Quickdraws

Better than what non-owners will say 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: super80drivr, 2006-11-20

The header says it all: They are better than non-owners (who have never used one) will say. They are way better than the "I-only-buy-Black-Diamond/Metolius-gear" people will tell you. These draws aren't expensive, but they deliver long life, good biner action, and easy up - easy clean use. People who are at the crag twice a week, all year long might want to consider something else, and certainly lighter, but if your gym has you lead on your own draws, or if you're only at the crag 10 times a year, these are more than what you need. CE listed and strength rated to catch anything other than a house falling, these are worth more than you will pay for them.

X-Cube (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 3.80/5 Average Rating : 3.80/5

In: Gear: Archive

Good value for money 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: super80drivr, 2006-11-20

They are at their best when you need serious toe control and "trust-that-foot" security, but also don't want numb toes/feet when you done with the pitch. Not as comfortable as Mythos, but more versatile and of higher quality than the omnipresent Katanas. These shoes will not stretch with use, or if they do, it is no more than an eighth of an inch or so, max.
X-Cube quality is great, and value for money is as well: great in the gym, easy on and off (they are NOT an all day on shoe...) lots of control when you crank on the toe or heel: they will catch and hold the smallest imperfections. The toes will blow out in what to me seems a relatively short time, but after a quality re-sole, they hold like new. A nice addition if you only have a softer sole shoe/slipper, or a nice main pair if you are primarily a gym-rat.

SBG II (Manufacturer link) popular Average Rating = 4.19/5 Average Rating : 4.19/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Belay Devices & Descenders

strong and versatile 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: super80drivr, 2006-11-19

I bought it because it is forged from a single piece of aluminium, and not a length of wire secured (hopefully well) to another piece of non similar metal. (ever see what happens to a steel when it is kept in contact with aluminium for a long period of time?) The device allows you to rapidly pay out rope to your climber without too much effort, and minimises the chance of rope/ATC/biner jam-ups because it does not move up and down in relationship to your biner. The solid design keeps that distance constant. It has two fricition slots of different size on each side that will cover most (but not all) rope sizes and climbing/rap needs. Setting up to rap down does require somewhat more work and planning than with some other designs of ATC's, but every design is something of a compromise. Work out your rap setup before you're at the top of your first climb with the SBG. That said, it is at it's best in the gym and for shorter outdoor climbs. When you need to, your partner can hang for a long time before you'll get too tired. Price and versatility add up to a good value.

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