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Begining of the End

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Begining of the End

Jon Vikers waiting for the Begining of the End, on a rare December day of climbing at Coopers Rocks.
Submitted by: GRD on 2010-01-14
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Macro Climber

Average Rating = 5.00/5 Macro Climber

The macro shot of the leaf with water droplet was taken at the base of my project route while laying on my crashpad. The shopped shot is of me working the route. Was hoping to have completed it by 09's end....le sad
Submitted by: GRD on 2010-01-14
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DWS at Devil's Den

Average Rating = 4.50/5 DWS at Devil's Den

On a cold, rainy spring day in WV, the best things to do are swim and rock climb... Jeff caught this butt shot of me sending my spring 09 project route. This image was taken with my old Olympus in an underwater housing. The original image was a 5mp silhouette, but thanks to the digital darkroom, I saved a nice B&W out of it.
Submitted by: GRD on 2010-01-04
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Devil's Den DWS

Average Rating = 4.25/5 Devil's Den DWS

A line I discovered while camping along the cheat (I'm sure others have climbed this in the past, but the area doesn't see much access, save the local four-wheeler community during Memorial Day weekend). The aptly named Devil's Den area along the Cheat has seen its share of fatalities. Mostly due to natural selection's taste for drunks playing in water, but the insane hydraulics don't help. This route was my motivation for getting back into climbing. I'd put the difficulty in the 5.10's. Not a real hard climb, but it's what got me back into shape this year. A 4x4 is required for area access.
Submitted by: GRD on 2010-01-04
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Jeffrey in BFE cave, WV

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Jeffrey in BFE cave, WV

Jeffrey Coen studying a previously unclimbed piece of stone 10min walking from my house, on my in-law's land..!!!... Currently working on first ascents, hoping to have my v5ish project finished before new years (featured in the pic).
Submitted by: GRD on 2009-12-18
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Final Fantasy VII

Average Rating = 5.00/5 Final Fantasy VII

Pete Clark clearing the darkness for his ascension of Final Fantasy, v11. ...Cloud and Barret send their regards
Submitted by: GRD on 2009-12-16
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