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Le Grand Traverse

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Le Grand Traverse

Because going straight up seemed facile, I tried traversing this boulder, right to left. It was hard, so I gave up. Boulder 1, Sid 0. Story of my life...
Submitted by: sid_rock on 2004-06-16
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I'm such a chicken

Average Rating = 0.00/5 I'm such a chicken

I started on this V0 but jumped off after a couple more moves. I might try it next time if I had, say, 3 more crashpads. (Yeah, yeah, I know half of you studs on flash 50' problems with nary a crashpad.)
Submitted by: sid_rock on 2004-06-16
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Do the Dyno

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Do the Dyno

It's fun bouldering barefeet! I find that I need shoes only when I am edying off tiny footholds. Here I am attempting to make this V(-2) interesting by throwing in completely unnecessary dynos.
Submitted by: sid_rock on 2004-06-16
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I'll Bash You Good Stupid Rock

Average Rating = 0.00/5 I'll Bash You Good Stupid Rock

We found this boulder in Les Dammes. Because rain the night before had washed away the chalk, we had a hard time identifying the good bouldering problems. Anyway, for this one we figured we should traverse the crack right-to-left without letting our limbs touch the ground (my left knee is about 2 feet above the ground). Couldn't finish it--felt too ackward. Maybe I was doing it all wrong... oh well, it was fun :-)
Submitted by: sid_rock on 2003-09-28
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Making Something Easy Look Hard

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Making Something Easy Look Hard

This problem must have been like a V2 or V3. Who knows, maybe it was a V0. What I know is that I could not finish it. I was able to traverse to the chalked hold to the far left, but once there (a lousy crimper) I could not let go of my right hand and grab the chalked hold at the top without falling.
Submitted by: sid_rock on 2003-08-17
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My First Time Bouldering

Average Rating = 0.00/5 My First Time Bouldering

This is me bouldering in Niagara Glen--that would be bouldering for the first time in my life!!! I picked a very simple boulder to start out with, basically 4-5 moves to get to the top. I'm topping out here, and I'm praying my fingers don't touching anything crawling...
Submitted by: sid_rock on 2003-08-17
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