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Climbing in the Fog

Average Rating = 5.00/5 Climbing in the Fog

Charlie Benton working 'The Seam', V7, Indian Rock, Berkeley, Ca. This shot was taken from a servo controlled rig atop a 30ft carbon fiber pole. -As my LX3 pole rig is nearing completion, I am planning on shooting the 'difficult to capture' Berkeley Rocks as my first project. I kept my eye on this Northeast facing climb earlier this week, and noticed the face was barely exposed to the sun minutes before sunset. Knowing this alignment wouldn't last past the weekend, I headed out with my brother to shoot the climb the next day with my Canon SD800 rig. Promising Thomas studio perfect lighting, we watched a typical 'Summer of 2010' fog bank sweep in and engulf the hills. I took the opportunity to show Thomas how to use my rig, and did a little climbing myself.
Submitted by: charlie_benton on 2010-09-14 | Last Modified: 2010-12-12
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