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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Submitted by admin on 2008-12-22 | Last Modified on 2009-07-22

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Vision: will be established as the top climbing resource on the internet by means of recognition within and outside the sport.

Mission: is the most effective media resource available to climbers worldwide. We provide high-quality editorial content and a user-friendly infrastructure that provides effective communication between climbers of all levels to help them practice their craft more effectively and safely. Through partnerships with the media, industry professionals, and equipment manufacturers, is the go-to source for climbing information.

As we make decisions to further our Mission, we will hold them against the backdrop of the following:

1. We always challenge ourselves to be better than we are.
2. We provide a place where people can relax and enjoy thoughtful conversations about all aspects of climbing.
3. We foster an environment in which high-quality user-generated content is encouraged and rewarded.

We believe that sticking to our values creates trust, which is the cornerstone of what we do. We hold our standing within the climbing community above all else and embrace these values as the driving force behind any success we achieve:

Honesty and integrity
Usefulness to climbers
Transparency to our users
Diversity and respect for others and their opinions
Service to the global climbing community
Environmental and social responsibility


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