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Routes Database Editors

Submitted by ddt on 2006-12-01 | Last Modified on 2012-10-15

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The Routes Database is managed by the people listed below. We have various vacancies as indicated below. Temporary editors are shown in parenthesis. If you are interested in managing a location not listed below, please contact ddt.

Note that we can add multiple editors per area. We also have the ability to assign editors to any level of the routes hierarchy, so if you are interested in managing a very specific region or area not listed below, let me know.


Country : State : Region : AreaEditor
Algeriavacant (ddt)
Egyptvacant (ddt)
Kenyavacant (ddt)
Madagascarvacant (ddt)
Malawivacant (ddt)
Malivacant (ddt)
Moroccovacant (ddt)
Mozambiquevacant (ddt)
Namibiavacant (ddt)
Reunionvacant (ddt)
South Africavacant (ddt)
Sudanvacant (ddt)
Zimbabwevacant (ddt)


Country : State : Region : AreaEditor
Afghanistanvacant (ddt)
Azerbaijanvacant (ddt)
Bahrainvacant (ddt)
Bangladeshvacant (ddt)
Cambodiavacant (ddt)
China : China Proper (North) : Bai He (White River)Theunboundlife
Georgiavacant (ddt)
Hong Kongvacant (ddt)
Iranvacant (ddt)
Iraqvacant (ddt)
Israelvacant (ddt)
Jordanvacant (ddt)
Kazakhstanvacant (ddt)
Koreavacant (ddt)
Kuwaitvacant (ddt)
Laosvacant (ddt)
Lebanonvacant (ddt)
Malaysiavacant (ddt)
Mongoliavacant (ddt)
Nepalvacant (ddt)
Omanvacant (ddt)
Pakistanvacant (ddt)
Philippinesvacant (ddt)
Qatarvacant (ddt)
Saudi Arabiavacant (ddt)
Taiwanvacant (ddt)
Tajikistanvacant (ddt)
Thailandvacant (ddt)
United Arab Emiratesvacant (ddt)
Uzbekistanvacant (ddt)
Vietnamvacant (ddt)


Country : State : Region : AreaEditor
Australia : Australian Capital Territorykachoong
Australia : New South Walesvacant (philbox)
Australia : Northern Territoryvacant (philbox)
Australia : Queenslandphilbox
Australia : South Australiavacant (philbox)
Australia : Tasmaniavacant (philbox)
Australia : Victoriavacant (philbox)
Australia : Western Australiavacant (philbox)
New Zealandsocialclimber, sbaclimber


Country : State : Region : AreaEditor
Andorravacant (ddt)
Armeniavacant (ddt)
Bosnia and Herzegovinaninja_climber
Bulgariavacant (ddt)
Czech Republicfuntom
Denmarkvacant (ddt)
Estoniavacant (ddt)
Finlandvacant (ddt)
Germanysbaclimber, tisar, steady_climbing
Hungaryvacant (ddt)
Icelandvacant (ddt)
Irelandvacant (ddt)
Italybooger, paolo75, ddt
Luxembourgpetje (ddt)
Polandvacant (ddt)
Portugalvacant (ddt)
Romaniavacant (ddt)
Russiavacant (ddt)
Slovak Republicvacant (ddt)
Spainmurmeltier, pausalvi
Swedenvacant (ddt)
Switzerlanduasunflower, steple
Turkeyvacant (ddt)
Walesvacant (russogi)

North America

Country : State : Region : AreaEditor
British Virgin Islandsvacant (ddt)
Canada : Albertabiff, lovesclimbing
Canada : British Columbiaslavetogravity
Canada : British Columbia : Vancouver Island North : Comox lakeclc
Canada : British Columbia : Vancouver Island North : Horne lakeclc
Canada : British Columbia : Vancouver Island North : Strathcona Parkclc
Canada : Manitobavacant (ddt)
Canada : New Brunswickvacant (ddt)
Canada : Newfoundlandvacant (ddt)
Canada : Northwest Territoriesvacant (ddt)
Canada : Nova Scotiavacant (ddt)
Canada : Nunavutvacant (ddt)
Canada : Ontariodagibbs
Canada : Prince Edward Islandvacant (ddt)
Canada : Quebectallnik, tstef
Canada : QuebecBulletproof2000
Canada : Saskatchewanvacant (ddt)
Canada : Yukon Territoryvacant (ddt)
Cubavacant (ddt)
Dominican Republicvacant (ddt)
United States : Alabamavacant (ddt)
United States : Alaskavacant (ddt)
United States : Arizonasonso45, climbaddic
United States : Arkansaskovacs69
United States : Californiapwscottiv, jcpace
United States : California : Central California : Pinnacles National Monumentmungeclimber
United States : California : Joshua Tree NPbaja_java
United States : California : Los Angeles County : Point Dumebaja_java
United States : California : San Diego County : El Cajon Mountainlalamur
United States : California : San Francisco Bay area : Castle Rock State Park : Castle Rock boulder problemsmungeclimber
United States : California : Western Sierra : Sonora Pass Highway Higher Elevation Areasmungeclimber
United States : California : Western Sierra : Sonora Pass Highway Lower Elevation Areasmungeclimber
United States : Coloradovacant (ddt)
United States : Connecticutdevkrev
United States : Delawarevacant (ddt)
United States : Floridakahuna3602
United States : Georgiavacant (ddt)
United States : HawaiiUSnavy
United States : Idahovacant (ddt)
United States : Idaho : Twin Falls : City of Rocks National Reservekovacs69
United States : Idaho : Western Idaho : Hells Canyonroadstead
United States : Illinoismatttracyg, bouldrinsoill, iamkillbill
United States : Indianaquas
United States : Iowaaulwes
United States : Kansasvacant (ddt)
United States : Kentuckywaynebock
United States : Kentucky : West : Dawson Bluffskalen666
United States : Louisianavacant (ddt)
United States : Maineepoch
United States : Marylandvacant (ddt)
United States : Massachusettsdovaka
United States : Michiganvacant (ddt)
United States : Minnesotavacant (ddt)
United States : Mississippivacant (ddt)
United States : Missourivacant (ddt)
United States : Montanaatpeaceinbozeman, trevzilla
United States : Nebraskavacant (ddt)
United States : Nevadavacant (ddt)
United States : New Hampshirevacant (ddt)
United States : New Jerseycadaverchris, NJ_Climber
United States : New Mexicovacant (ddt)
United States : New Yorksbaclimber, Adk
United States : North Carolinavacant (ddt)
United States : North Carolina : Central : Pilot Mountainnnop
United States : North Carolina : Central : Stone Mountainnnop
United States : North Dakotavacant (ddt)
United States : Ohiodontmaytagme, tank, kelly.collins
United States : Oklahomakovacs69
United States : Oregonherbaltee
United States : Pennsylvaniachronicle, cliffhanger9, NJ_Climber, dharmatreez
United States : Puerto Ricodanny, xmen
United States : Rhode Islandvacant (ddt)
United States : South Carolinavacant (ddt)
United States : South Dakotavacant (ddt)
United States : Tennesseevacant (ddt)
United States : Texasbmoscon
United States : Texas : West Texas : Hueco Tanks State Historic Sitesupersonick
United States : Utahfancypants
United States : Vermontcarabiner96, toughschist
United States : Virginiabraaaaaaaadley, cadaverchris, virginiapine
United States : Washingtonroadstead
United States : Washington : Eastern Washington : The Rocks of Sharonahenson
United States : Washington D.C.vacant (ddt)
United States : West Virginiaroninthorne
United States : Wisconsinvacant (ddt)
United States : Wyomingvacant (ddt)

South and Central America

Country : State : Region : AreaEditor
Argentinavacant (ddt)
Boliviavacant (ddt)
Chilevacant (ddt)
Chile : 10th Region : Cochamódanseeng
Costa Ricavacant (ddt)
El Salvadorvacant (ddt)
Guatemalavacant (ddt)
Hondurasvacant (ddt)
Jamaicavacant (ddt)
Peruvacant (ddt)


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