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Kaymoor Mine: a Photo Essay

Submitted by j_ung on 2005-11-25 | Last Modified on 2010-02-25

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Steep... inaccessible... overgrown...

These are just a couple of words a visitor might use to describe West Virginia's New River Gorge, but it wasn't always that way. As climbers, we admire the featured, bullet-hard, Nutall sandstone while often overlooking the fact that the Gorge itself was once home to a thriving mining community. Park at Roger's and pay a buck for him to watch your car, then hike down past the stone and into a world forgetten by time. Go deeper to the closed mineshafts where soot-covered men toiled in 36"-tall spaces. Descend even further to the ghost town, Kaymoor Bottom, to see first hand how nature reclaims what was once hers.


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But for the love of God, don't start down those 819 steps to Kaymoor Bottom unless you want to hate life on the way up :)

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