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Rock Climbing : Articles : Contests and Gear Giveaways : Only ZERO Days Left to Win His-Her Sierra Designs Sleeping Bags

Only ZERO Days Left to Win His-Her Sierra Designs Sleeping Bags

Submitted by j_ung on 2008-11-30 | Last Modified on 2008-12-18

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by J. Young

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Is there trouble in paradise?

Is tent-bound romance impossible, because it’s too cold and you just can’t figure a way to zip your sleeping bag and your honey’s together? Do you argue over who gets the good sack, leaving one of you to freeze, toss, turn, count sheep and silently curse the day you said yes when he or she asked if you want a spot, need a belay or “like those shoes?” Well buck up, camper. Sierra Designs and have an opportunity for you to fix that noise. All it takes to win almost $400 worth of his and her sleeping bags is the two of you, one sleeping bag, a digital camera and a little creativity.

The prizes:

The men’s Verde 20 (a 2008 Outside Magazine Gear of the Year winner) and women’s Déjà vu 20 are about as far as Sierra Designs could push its Green Effect™ program. Climashield® Green insulation is post-consumer recycled polyester, and EcoSensor™ Recycled Shell material is spun from recycled materials, too. The Cocona™ woven liner is derived from recycled coconut shells for improved moisture management and odor prevention. These bags are warm, comfortable and durable, in the most earth-friendly version Sierra Designs could dream up.

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The Deja Vu 20
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The Verde 20

Winners can specify long or regular bags, and Sierra Designs has also offered to provide two men’s bags or two women’s bags to the winners at their request (although men’s-men’s and women’s-women’s won’t zip together).

Second prize is his and her (or his-his, her-her) down booties!

The fine print:

  • Photos must be of you, another person and one sleeping bag. You can be in it, on it, near it, under it, whatever. They can be funny, sexy ( nudity rules apply), artistic, abstract or anything else you can think of. The more creative the better.
  • All entries must be hosted on and then in-line added to this thread.
  • and Sierra Designs will pick ten finalists. Those ten photos will then be posted in a new thread and users will pick the winners.
  • There is no purchase necessary to enter and win.
  • Enter as many photos as you want.
  • On the morning of December 15th, I’ll wake up, make coffee, turn on my computer and lock the thread – that’s the deadline for entries. Any photo posted before then is in. We’ll have the finalist thread up for voting within a day or two after that.
  • If you have any questions, post here.

The really fine print:

  • If you win, you’ll be required to fork over an email address, snail-mail address and phone number in order to claim your prize.
  • By entering a photo in this contest, you give Sierra Designs implicit permission to post it on their Facebook page. If Sierra Designs wants to use your shot in any other marketing material, such as in a catalog or on, they’ll contact you to work out specific permission (there might even be more gear in it for ya).
  • Expect photo threads to be moderated aggressively, but good-natured jokes and heckling will almost certainly be allowed.

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