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Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010 Wrap-up

Submitted by vegastradguy on 2010-08-11 | Last Modified on 2012-01-13

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by John Wilder

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010 Wrap-Up
by John Wilder

Torrent (Jtree Life) is the new mascot for ORSM!

Hey there folks, sorry for the lateness of this post, but between my post show adventures in Jackson Hole and the subsequent cold I got, it took a little more time to get around to writing up this wrap-up of the Summer Market. That being said, it was a great show – the show itself posted double digit gains in all categories – attendees, business done, etc., etc. – which is great news for the outdoor industry as a whole, and this also means that you're going to see some great things both in this blog and in shows to come.

Before I get to the gear itself, I'd like to take this time to give a big thanks to two companies in particular that so generously hosted me and my crap between meetings and put up with me for the bulk of the show. So, a big thank you to Graham at Cilogear and Dave at Joshua Tree Products. Both make awesome products in their respective fields and both are great guys in general. Thanks guys! Oh, and one more thing: I apologize for the picture quality – I did my best, but my new camera hates me and my press photos didn’t make it in time for this blog. So, with that, on to the gear!


Graham is going to kill me for not taking any pictures of the packs, but there is a bunch of new stuff coming down the pipe. The Wally is being reworked so as to be more practical, fewer daisy chains, a little bit different shape, but all the functionality will still be there, along with the burly factor. They should be available semi-soon. Also new this fall are colors for the Dyneema bags! I think the color is still being debated, but it looks like blue will be making an appearance on the non-woven Dyneemas. The price will be higher, but you'll look better sending, and as we all know, its all in how you look! Check out his website for more info. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I am a dumbass.


For the last several shows, Metolius has been releasing a ton of new gear, which means sooner or later, that trend had to start tapering off. Sadly, this show was it. They still had a couple of neat things, but not a ton of new stuff. The most prominent of the new gear is the new Bravo locker…

The Metolius Bravo.

This slick little locker clocks in at 43g and will retail for about $10 when it comes out this spring. It is also blue, which means I shall own many of them. In addition to the Bravo, the new Torque Nut Tool will be coming down the pipe. I didnt even try for a photo – its shiny factor was too much for my little Nikon. It is cool, though – stainless steel, comes with a palm protector, and four sizes of bolts can be tightened with it. It'll retail at $15 this spring.

From the mind of Junior Phillips.

In other news, Doug Phillips son has taken over the design department at Metolius and has come up with a bunch of new designs for the company on their chalk bags, t-shirts, rope bags (above), and more. The kids got talent and I dig the new look.

Finally, keep an eye out for the new Magnum crash pad. It replaces the Colossus this spring (same price as before, but with newer, burlier fabrics), as well as the $142 Bailout crashpad. Don’t forget to buy Master Cams, by the way, $1 from each purchase goes to the Access Fund, and any purchase or donation on the Metolius website will be matched by Metolius!


I dont often visit suppliers, mostly because anything they show off at ORSM wont really make it to product lines until ORWM at the earliest, but I thought that their new Primaloft Yarn was worth a mention. It's in development now and will give companies the ability to create seamless baselayers for their product lines. Hopefully we'll see it in some collections at the winter market. Also, Primaloft's Eco insulation has started using 70% recycled materials instead of the 50% it was using before. Awesome job, guys!

Original Buff

Buff, bitch!

Look, if you havent discovered Buff, you are behind the times. I've been covering them for almost 5 years now and have been a devoted user since I first wore my sample buff. I now have an expansive collection – my favorites being the 100% UV/Insectshield enhanced Buff, which keeps my noggin from getting cancer and malaria! At any ratel, this spring Buff is releasing their new seamless headband. Its designed for under helmet use, comes with 95% UV protection and odor control. It'll retail at $13. Go buy one, you'll be glad you did.


Scarpa Vapor.

You know, one of these days, I'm going to remember to ask the boys at Scarpa why they leave the caps lock on when they spell their name. I'm sure there's a reason, but I always forget to ask. Anyway, the big story at Scarpa this year is their women's shoe line. Pictured above is the new Vapor women’s shoe (the Velcro version is behind the lace). The Vapor is moderately downturned and designed as an edging shoe. It comes with 4mm XS Grip2 and will retail at $140 this spring.


Surf’s up, bonedaddy – the Pipeline.

Check out the new Pipeline – fancy, eh? It's a slick new shade that comes with a pile of lens options, letting you pick between the Zebra, Polar, Falcon and a couple of others. It'll retail between $140 and $200 depending on your lens choice. The other big story at Julbo is the new Zebra Lite lens, a lens that starts out nearly clear and transitions to a Cat 3 lens. It's only going to be available on their Trail shade this spring, but hopefully it'll find its way to others next year.


I have to admit that Edelrid is really growing on me. This is one cool company and I hope that they succeed in their efforts to gain a foothold on this side of the pond. I dug the Zap-o-mat and the Armadillo, and this show, they've got two really cool new additions to the line.

Hi-tech for less $$ -- the Edelrid Creed.

Say hello to the Creed Harness – the adjustable Arc'teryx style harness that retails at $80 (the non-adjustable one retails at $70). How cool is this thing? I really dig the Arc'teryx harnesses, but damn if they aren’t pricey as Hell. The best part of the Creed is the plastic bit below the belay loop. That little guy will guarantee a longer life, as that’s where harnesses often to blow out first.

Tech Web – imagine a burrito that can save any ass it can fatten.

This is the other bit of gear from Edelrid that I'm REALLY psyched on: this is their new Tech Web, which is essentially Dyneema wrapped with nylon. It’s actually a bit more fancy than that, but I don’t speak engineer, so this is what you get. The short of it is that this is 12mm webbing that comes in 24", 48" and spool lengths ($7 for the 24"). Its fully rated, and if you cut it and tie it with a water knot, it still pulls to 22kn! Can anyone say, “bail sling?” I am even more excited to say that this stuff will be available next month!

A few other things Edelrid has coming down the pipe: the new Swift 8.9mm rope – at 52g/m, it ties Mammut for lightest single line out there. Its triple rated and will retail at $226 (60m) and $270 (70m). Look for it in October. Also look for a nice line-up of carabiners from them and a cool new twisting chalk bag where the opening twists shut rather than relying on a pull-cord.

Five Ten

So much cool gear this show. It was awesome to walk into one booth after another and check out all the new shiny stuff. Five Ten was no exception. They have a PILE of new shoes, two of which could be bestsellers. Behold, the new Anasazi Arrowhead…

The Anasazi Arrowhead.

The long awaited downturned Anasazi shoe comes with Stealth Mystique rubber and a more snug heel cup. The folks at Five Ten are super-psyched on this shoe. Look for it this spring, along with the new SuperMocc.

The Supermocc.

An amped up version of the most famous of all shoes, the Moccasym, this shoe is slightly more cambered, has a more aggressive heel cup, and comes with more rubber on the toe. Like the Arrowhead, it comes with Mystique rubber. It will retail for $110 this spring and the Arrowhead will be $150.

Also coming down the pipe is the new Anasazi LV, with a new color and a more women's specific heel cup ($140), the new Blackwing for men and women- its the velcro version of the Dragon (retail $145, Stealth C4), the Quantum (downturned Anasazi lace-up, Onyxx Rubber, $140), and the Eclipse (Dean Potter Shoe, Stealth C4, $150).

Wild Country

So much news at Wild Country: This meeting took almost an hour, instead of the normal 15-20 minutes to get the low down on the new cams and other fancy toys. First and foremost… the Tech Friend is going away. They will stop manufacturing them this spring shortly before their replacement- the Helium Friend arrives.

I’m already sounding a bit squeaky in the voice box – behold the Helium Friend.

More than just a pretty new Friend, this cam has been completely revamped- including the sizes. Now, before you go screaming – WHAT???? – hear me out. Wild Country realized that the old Friend sizes were built as needed from the time of Forged Friends, the half and quarter sizes were added as needed, with not much attention to the overall range. So, when they began the process of creating the Helium Friend, they revamped the entire range. So, what does this mean? It means no more quarter sizes – only half sizes. It means that a #1 friend is still roughly the same size as the old #1, but now is changed somewhat so that full and half sizes cover the entire range nicely. Time will tell if this will have the same effect as the new C4s did, but the folks at WC are pretty happy with it. Also, the new cams are roughly 6% lighter than their predecessors and 11-15% lighter than C4s thanks to the new forged lobes. They have a thumb loop, a 10% longer stem than the tech friend (I like this!), and will retail at $65-75 this spring. Initially, only sizes 0-4 will be available with the big boys (5 and 6) coming down the pipe at a later date (TBD).

Some other news at WC is the new Ropeman Mark III. Its 15g lighter than the Mark II, but has its own rope bearing surface rather than needing a carabiner. Another highlight is that it also works on webbing as a positioning device. It'll be $45 when it comes out this spring. It's pictured at the top of the DMM gear pic below (its blue). Also look for a new draw setup. All bolt-side biners will be polished and all rope-side biners will be colored – fancy.


Oh, DMM, how I love your forging skills! A pile of new stuff as usual from the boys in Wales. First up, the new Dragon cam should be widely available in the states this fall. Demand in Europe ate up most of production, so it was tough to get them over here, but you should be able to find them soon. Alright, now onto the new toys.

An Excalibur grab bag!

Alright, from the picture above, starting on the left: the Shadow Secure will retail at $16 and the new locking mechanism is MUCH better than previous prototypes. It’s not a full locker, but rather a feel-good carabiner. Next up is the Chicane, a forged aluminum belay device that looks like it'll perform better than any other tuber on the market thanks to its three dimensional braking slots. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but trust me, this one is gonna kick ass. The Alpha and Alpha Wire are on the right. This is actually a slick set of biners. The gate on the bent gate is FAT and is going to clip like a dream. The 'teeth' on the spine should help with gripping, and the Wire will come with the WC Helium's clean wire setup- they retail at $10 (straight), $11 (bent), and $12.50 (Wire). Sweetness.

The Belaymaster.

Finally, check out the new Belay Master from DMM. They've added a hinge to the plastic guard, making it easier to get out of the way when taking the carabiner on and off. It also clips to the spine when folded, making it much nicer to handle than the old version. It'll retail at $22-$30, depending on which type of carabiner you buy (screw, autolock, etc).


The much-hyped Gri-gri II.
The much-hyped Gri-gri2... open.

I was going to tease you, but I knew you'd just scroll down for it anyway. Here it is – just like you've seen before, the new GriGri2. I did get some more beta about it, though, than has been previously discussed. First and foremost, if you don’t like the look of it, go buy a GriGri now, as Petzl will stop making the GriGri this spring with the release of the GriGri2. Now, onto details. It clocks in at 185g, which is about the same weight as the Cinch, give or take a gram. It'll retail at the same price as the original GriGri ($95) and be available in March. Some of the new features are pretty slick. The first is the progressive descent control, which basically means as you first start to lower, instead of releasing the spring of the cam at a 1 to 1 ratio, it only releases 1 degree for every 3 degrees you pull. The thinner the rope, the longer it maintains this ratio, which is part of why it's rated to 8.9mm lines. After the initial part of the lower, it clicks back to 1 to 1. It also has a new geometry that is better suited for the new belay method and worse suited if you like to take your hand off the brake line and hold the cam down. This is a very good thing. The cam and rope groove have also been redesigned to allow for better braking and faster feeding. I only wish they had one on a rope so you could test it, but alas, no such luck. Time will tell, and March will probably be a very busy month for Petzl!

In other Petzl news, the new CORE Software was on display for this show, you'll remember that the CORE Battery with programmable features was on display at the last show. This one is coming down the pipe fast and will be available in October. The batteries fit any Tikka series lamp and should be a nice addition to the headlamp family.

Some other housekeeping from Petzl. The Zephyr rope is no more. They have discontinued the line and have replaced it with a new rope the Xion, a 10.1-mm line with a 42% thicker sheath, and a new weave. It clocks in at 66g/m and will be available this spring. Also, the new Ange carabiner has hit a slight bump in the road, and the small Ange will be delayed until spring with the large Ange now being pushed back indefinitely. The new Universo belay system is also being released in spring. Basically, its a small plastic bracket that attaches the Verso belay device to the Attache3D. Look for it in March also.

Black Diamond

I was rather pissed at my shitty camera when I got to BD, as there was no way I was getting a decent picture of the new BD Hoodwire, a 1.3oz 'keylock' wire-gate carabiner. It gets around the complex geometry of Wild Country's Helium by adding two little strips of aluminum on either side of the nose in lieu of being forged into the carabiner- this makes it both clever and saves time and money, meaning it'll retail at $9 this spring. Sweet. I did get photos of the new Gridlock, though.

Rush hour starts soon – the Gridlock.

It’s MUCH smaller than I thought it would be – about the size of a Rocklock, which is good. But to be honest, I’m not really digging this thing yet, mostly because I think its going to be a PITA to get onto your belay loop, despite it probably doing a great job of preventing crossloading. Time will tell, though. This thing may be a big hit and I'll be left out in the cold. Specs: 2.7oz, $20 retail this spring.

The ATC-Guide on a diet.

Also got a shot of the new ATC-Guide, a lighter version of the original. No changes other than a bunch of new holes in the device- bringing it down to 3.7oz and it will retail at $28 this spring. Nice.

La Sportiva

My meeting at Sportiva was short and sweet, they had more important people than me coming in (AKA, buyers), so I had to get it quick and dirty from John. The premiere shoe this spring is the new Python (below), an aggresively asymmetric downturned shoe, which is part slipper, part Velcro. It’s unlined and comes with XSGrip2 from Vibram. It'll retail at $130.

The appropriately named Python. Unlined leather stretches, so buy ‘em on the tight side.

Also new this spring is the Tarantula ($85, Mantis Replacement) and a rental version (TaRENTula). The Katana Lace is also out now, so go find yourself a pair ($145 retail).


Evolv is, as usual, bringing some awesome new stuff out this spring, headlined by the new Sharma shoe, the Shaman (prototype pictured below). It’s still getting some refinements, so expect the shoe to look a little different this spring. The shoe has a synthetic upper, a new pigskin lining (except the toe-lining, which is cotton), the new Trax XT-6 rubber (tackier rubber, but same hardness), and a Velcro closure system. This shoe should arrive in the spring, retailing at $145. In other news, Evolv has revamped the Demorto (my favorite shoe ever!) with a new look (below), which should arrive in January.

The Shaman prototype.
A sexy new version of the Demorto.

Finally, Evolv is releasing a new line of trail shoes in January. They've done some innovative work with a new, stiffer, EVA midsole that allows for an all-soft top for the shoe, keeping the weight down. It also features a de-coupled heel and the shoe is lower to the ground than other trail shoes out there. The outsole is Trax, which means if you like light and fast, these should be a good approach option. There are three models: the Afire (light and fast), the Sabre (pictured below, more stable/toe rand), and the Bully (high-top model). They retail at $90, $95, and $100 respectively.

The Sabre.

Asana Climbing

The new Kevin Jorgeson Signature Pad from Asana.

Behold, the new Kevin Jorgeson Signature Pad from Asana (that is much more red than pictured here, stupid camera). This will replace the Gunther pad this spring. It’s got a ton of improvements, many of which will carry through the entire Asana line, including a wasitbelt, torso height adjustable shoulder straps, and a new cam buckle closure system. The KJ will also include a detachable gear bag (meant to ride on the outside of the pad), 5" of foam (1" closed top and bottom, 3" open in the middle), and no flaps. It measures a whopping 60" x 44" x 5" and will retail for $350 this spring.

Sterling Rope

Once again, my camera failed me at Sterling. Their new ATS belay device is pretty damn snazzy, but my camera hates me. It's basically a radically designed Fig-8 with tube slots in the middle. This allows for as many rope configurations as you can think of to modify friction depending on what you're doing and what rope you're on- it also lets you lock off completely and ascend the line if you've got a prusik handy. One of the neatest things about it is the carabiner hole. It’s just big enough for a round stock HMS biner, and has a silicone gasket that lets you put whatever brand you like in without worrying about weird torquing on the device. It'll retail at $39 this Fall, and most likely be widely available where canyoneering is big, although I'm pretty psyched to carry it as my rap device along with my cinch.

Now he has a rope?!

Also new this Fall is Sterling's new Sharma Rope, which my camera loved- go figure. The Sharma line is a specially labeled Velocity (9.8mm) rope that has a slight price premium ($5-$10), $2 of which goes to two charities of Chris's choice and the rest goes into a fund to pay for kids programs or other things that Chris and Sterling feel are worthy causes. Good things all around at Sterling.

In other news at Sterling, the new Ion2 rope has been released. This is an update on the original Ion that made several improvements over the original. It has a new 48 bobbin sheath weave, meaning its both more supple and more fuzz-resistant. It's also skinnier (now officially 9.4mm) and has a lower impact force. Best of all, you can now get it as a non-dry rope thanks to the new construction method. It'll retail at $192 (60m) and $224 (70m) for the non-dry and $218 (60m) and $254 (70m) for the dry versions and is available now.

Quick Hits

That about wraps it up for the big, fancy, crazy new stuff at the show, but I have pictures and beta for some other awesome stuff that’s new and/or fancy, but didn’t quite warrant a full write-up.

Now that’s using the ol’ noodle.

Perhaps the most interesting thing of the little stuff is Mammut’s new Smart Alpine device. Dual rope belay device that locks up in most falls automatically, but they aren’t calling it an autolocker thanks to UIAA's new autolocker test. Two versions (skinny and fat ropes), $45 this spring. Also look for Mammut’s new chalk, which is treated with food safe chemicals, unlike all other chalks. Yay!

Omega Pacific is killing their Doval carabiner and replacing it with the Lava, a psychadelic, multi-color carabiner thats similar to the doval, but is sleeker and more three dimensional. Spring, 33g, $7.

Light and wispy: the Cirrus.

Check Rab's new Cirrus windtop. Available as a hoodie (or not) for both men (5oz) and women (4oz), it retails at $110. Nice. Also look for their new springtime-weight softshell, the Sawtooth, which is very light and sports just enough protection to take the edge off. In other news, Rab's parent company acquired Integral Designs this spring, so expect to see some changes there sometime soon.

Sherpa Adventure Gear’s Kriti.

Sherpa Adventure Gear is releasing the Kriti (above) this spring – a hoodie softshell top for the ladies. $80.

No excuse for not cleaning tickmarks, ya boulderin’ bums.

Trango's got a pair of new stick clips out! First is the Beta, a nice little 9' pole with a clip on the end of it that will also hold your brush. It’s $67 and available now. The Big Wall Beta (10', burly tent pole construction) is also available at $114.

This fall also sees some new hats from Tilley. If you haven’t checked these guys out, you really should. It’s a pricey hat, but it floats, provides UV protection (50+), and is guaranteed for life.

This Fall also sees the launch of Liberty Bottleworks, the only aluminum bottle company that manufactures its product in the USA (Yakima, WA). Its 100% recycled/reclaimed aluminum with a unique, leak-proof closure system and a white inner lining. It'll be available in Whole Foods and REI on 8.15.10. Drink up!

Well, that about wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed the write-up and the new format. Until next time.


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I know the pain with small point and shoot cameras. THe mode you want is called "macro". Does wonders...
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Also, a big thanks as always for the info! You filled in all the right areas of info for me on the gear to budget for for next year. Cheers!
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5 out of 5 stars Awesome reporting and amusing/engaging to read. Thanks!
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5 out of 5 stars Thanks for the report.
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Thanks for the report, but no excuse for the camera work.
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5 out of 5 stars As always, this is one of the best things about this site. Thanks! Also, nice job describing the grigri2.
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sharma's weed rope is classic.
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hahaha I had that same thought!
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5 out of 5 stars almost as classic as the shirt 5.10 was passing around the show that said "Five Ten is the new Four Twenty"....
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SCARPA is an acronym.

Societa Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima (Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area).
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5 out of 5 stars huh- well there you go then. thanks.
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thanks for the insiders look at this years gear show. looking forward to picking up some new gear as it drops over the coming months. but i agree, go macro and get your practice on. we want sexy product pics.
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5 out of 5 stars Edit note: I've updated some beta on wild country- should show up in a day or two- revised tech friend info and ropeman beta.
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I want to see a pic of you wearing a buff.
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Any pics of the new Omega Pacific Lava biner? I'm curious to see what it looks like and can't find pics anywhere.
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5 out of 5 stars @sidepull- lol, i am a OR ninja, no pics of me in articles! there are, however, plenty of pics of me wearing a buff out there. @psprings- sorry man, the anodizing (multicolor/glossy) was just too much for my little camera- it looks like a sexy doval, but im sure there will be pics available in the near future as retailers start to order them.
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Nothing new to see. What a waste. Glad I don't buy over priced gear so those companies can waste money on shows like this.
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I really want to see this Dean Potter shoe. Did Five Ten have a prototype or any info on it?
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Hey, wats the blue peace of gear in the DMM photo?, above the "Chicane" belay device...
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5 out of 5 stars @samiam- yeah, they had a shoe there- it'll be out in the spring. it didnt really look like much and five ten really didnt highlight it, so i didnt really cover it as this is kind of a highlight reel.

@drclimber- thats the Wild Country Ropeman Mark III- see the paragraph above for more info.
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5 out of 5 stars Excellent as always VTG !!
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Any news on the totem cams, if they are going to be carried in any markets other than the web, are they worth it, were they even there?
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5 out of 5 stars They are for sale in the Yosemite mountain shop, if that helps.
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Was just saying I need to get more/new/better slings. Tech web, anyone?
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5 out of 5 stars @lapierrem- not to my knowledge- although if shoo's correct, i'd be willing to bet the mountain shop is the only retail place that will carry them for the time being. i wonder how thats working price-wise. i was under the impression that Totem cams would retail much higher than Totem is selling them for, which is why they chose to sell direct.

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