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Shoe Thread Index

Submitted by colin on 2002-09-23

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If you come across any shoe threads I've missed or have popped up since the publication of this article, PM me.
shoe care
5.10 prisms typo
shoe washing and care
5.10 rubber -vs- durability
ordering from
shoes fetish
mad rock shoes
boreal ace
mad rock shoes...again
rei resoling
the rubber or the shoe
prism typo...again
shoe stains
5.10 dragons
flyin' bryans resoles
scarpa rubber
Anasazi Velcro or Boreal Zen
The cheapest place to buy shoes
board- vs slip-lasted shoes
Off-Width Shoes
shoes for wide feet
moccasym/slipper stretchability/fitting
Boreal Diablos
La Sportiva "Katana"
buying climbing shoes
wierd foot sizes
Are cheap shoes really worth the savings
Bufo climbing shoes
la sportiva cobra's
does the shoe fit??
5-10 Zlipper, any good?
shoes that suck!
Yes, Another Shoe Question
is the cliff by sportiva a good shoe
Fusion-3 or Vibram XSV
buying climbing shoes
Washing shoes
New climbing shoes
Anasazi Mesas
Boreal Pyros or Zen????
5-10 climbing shoes
C4 is not a cure all
Most Popular Shoes
how much do shoes stretch?
Shoe similar in fit to Boreal Equinox
Do you really like 5.10 - Anasazi Velcro?
La Sportiva Katanas
Favourite Climbing Shoes
Scarpa Helix or Mythos?
New Shoes
about dominator shoes
type of shoes???
resoling shoes?
[page] five ten huecos improved
Wearing climbing shoes in the shower
opinions on mammut shoes
Best shoes for bouldering?
mythos break in
boreal pyros beta
How long do your shoes last?
Cheap begginer shoes
shoes for bouldering/sport/beginner
rubber problems?
La Sportiva shoes
tight shoes
What about the Boreal Zen rock shoes!
Tenaya Brand -- Oceano vs. Granada
New Shoes or One more for the Road!
czech climbing shoes?
Shoes for narrow feet
un-board lasting shoes
Freezing Shoes
washing of rock shoes!!!
Blown out toe in Diamonds
Broken Shoes, What do I do?
climbing shoe laces
Matrix vs. Stingers vs. Pyros vs. Zen
tenaya shoes
Zlippers have come un un-zlippered!
zlippers vs moccasyms
Five Ten Help!!
laces vs slippers
Resole my own shoes?
five ten shoes
Fitting Zens
i love my new zens
just another question about shoes
What about Boreal ZEN rock shoes!
suggestions for trad shoes?
Red Chilis Dos Equis
Shoe Features
stretching anasazi velcroes
Oh no, my almost new shoes
Shoe Fit & Modification
Favorite crack shoe?
best shoes
Five Tens more expensive in the USA - WHY?!!

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