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Daniel Woods Professional Climber with no limits!

Submitted by yetanotherben on 2008-10-05

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by Ben McKay

Recently, we contacted the world-class professional climber Daniel Woods for an interview. Daniel is one of The North Face’s sponsored climbers and to help us get an understanding of what it is like for a young professional climber he kindly accepted the invitation for an interview…

Daniel Woods’ Background

Born in 1989, Daniel has had a resounding climbing career for someone so young. Daniel has put his stamp on bouldering from a very young age - entering his first competition when he was just 8 years old! Since then he has continued to test the capabilities of a climber on some of the toughest climbs around. He takes great pride in testing his climbing abilities across both bouldering and sport climbing of which he his topping the scale of difficulty ratings in both sports. (See career highlights at the bottom of the page).

Daniel is a well recognised climber in the field, with prominent climbing successes across the USA and around the world. Here’s an insight into his life as a professional climber… Interview with Daniel Woods: What inspired you to get into Climbing?

Daniel: I started climbing at the age of 5 and did it just because it was something to do. At the time I was too young to develop a passion for the sport and I had not tried any other activities as well. When I was in middle school, I participated in team activities through my school and quickly found out that they were not for me. I switched my attention back over to climbing and my dedication for the sport grew every year and has led to where I am now.

My inspiration came from knowing that it is not a team sport, but a self sport. I liked knowing that if I won a competition or completed a goal outside, it was myself who did it and not the team. Rock climbing just felt natural and right to do. I love the feeling of different types of rock and formations and the possibilities that they offer. Also, knowing that what you can do with climbing is endless and there will always be a knew challenge out there is very inspirational. What has been your biggest sporting achievement?

Daniel: So far my biggest achievement is balancing my bouldering and sport climbing. I started out as a sport climber then switched gears to bouldering. Bouldering has been my life for the past 7 years with an occasional trip to try a hard sport route. I feel like I have met all my goals so far for bouldering and now am psyched to see what I can do on a rope. In the past couple of weeks I have climbed harder on a rope than ever and hope to continue pushing my limits. I want to be pushing my standards for bouldering and rope climbing simultaneously. What is you biggest weakness?

Daniel: My biggest weakness is my experience level and “head game”. I have a bunch of power, but lack when it comes to doing a climb on flash or onsight, or developing the easiest method for completing a climb. In competitions, I can do really well once the pressure kicks in, I let my head get the best of me.

I need to learn how to be a smarter climber and control the pressure. Strength isn’t everything, experience and confidence go a long way! When did you feel like you ?made it? in your field of outdoor sports? And do you feel like you’ve satisfied your goals?

Daniel: At 13 I was brought onto the map. I had La Sportiva and Sickle as sponsors, was winning junior competitions and placing podium in junior World Cup events overseas, and I was appearing in magazines. This was the beginning and since then so much has changed.

I would say that at around 17 I made my hobby into a dream. I signed on with The North Face which was the best move I have ever made in climbing. They have made my goals come true and provided me with the best product out there on the market. Also, La Sportiva, Petzl, and Organic stepped in to help me achieve my goals. Now I am able to travel and develop/repeat hard climbs all over the world.

As for goals, I feel like each year I satisfy my goal then keep setting the next goal higher. I am satisfied with what I have completed and set up, but want to keep on going. That is the best part about climbing… there are no limits! What do you find most challenging about training?

Daniel: The most challenging thing about training is motivation. All I want to do is climb but I recognize that some things cannot be done unless I get stronger or have more experience. I used to do the typical training such as pull ups, push ups, ab workouts, 1 arm hangs and pull ups etc. but it got too boring. Now I feel the best method is to climb as much as possible and travel to new areas with new stone. Your psyche is maintained and you gain more experience. What has been your worst injury (if any), from outdoors sports and how did it happen?

Daniel: So far no injury knock on wood! What will be your most challenging climbs for next year?

Daniel: Next year, my goal is to compete in all 8 of the world cup events in Europe and try to make podium at each one. As for sport climbing, I have my sights set on many routes in the 14d/15a region such as Realization, Jumbo Love, and Action Directe. As for Boulders, I want to repeat Fred Nicoles Terremer in Hueco Tanks which is v15 and also James Litz Warpath in Castle Rocks, Idaho which is an unrepeated v14. Along with repeating climbs, I want to develop my own lines as well for both sport climbing and bouldering. Where would you like to be in 5 years time? Main Ambitions?

Daniel: In the next 5 years I want to be pushing the standards of climbing as well as being a good ambassador for the sport. For other budding outdoor sports enthusiasts, what tips can you provide to help other compete at a higher level?

Daniel: The best tip is to stay confident and maintain your motivation. That is the number one thing that always gets you in taking things to the next level is motivation of the work that is involved. Also it is important to have fun and enjoy your surroundings and company. When you are positive and motivated, then anything can happen. What are your favourite bits of gear, and why?

Daniel: My favorite coat is the [The North Face] Nuptse Jacket at 700 down for those cold days, the motoring pant which is light weight for bouldering, the patrol 35 daypack which is light weight for longer hikes but can hold a good amount of gear if you are just wanting to go climb/hike for the day, and the Orion down sleeping bag. Any people or sponsors that you’d like thank?

Daniel: I would like to thank The North Face, Petzl, La Sportiva, and Organic bouldering mats for making it possible to live the dream. Anything else you would like to say?

Daniel: Have fun with climbing and enjoy the places that it allows you to go. Thanks Daniel, on behalf of our visitors to our site and ourselves for providing such an honest and inspiring insight into climbing at a professional level. And keep on enjoying and accomplishing your goals!

Full detailed interview with climber Daniel Woods found here.

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5 out of 5 stars The video footage of him is pretty cool (at the end of the interview). Nice insight into the life of a pro North Face boulderer / sports climber.

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