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For ur Iz only

Submitted by dennyg on 2004-12-22

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To c

If you have the time...Take this walk down this
lonely road . C the world through these eyes and if u can
hold on, I wont let u fall...But if the wind blows from
the E would u follow me! and if the wind blows to the
N would stay ur course.

These are some of my thoughts and some questions you may
have . So let me pour u another strong one. and I will
give a glimse in time.

Are you prepared for the Storms and the tides that rise.
For I will only let u see some of this . some you must.

look threw these eyes
this fine day of mine.

scary thoughts
Thanks Kid

I even recorded every breath i took. shame i can't
post voice recording...
That reminds me...
Ghost walk HF.

yah yah yah
well the day started off...not the an
email, "can't climb today".
Ok... I'll call Joanne,
Oh Hi John, is Joanne around , mutter mutter hangs up.
{u know me, try it again }
Ring a ling a ling ... Hello ... Hi jo jo hows it
going .
Denny I can't climb today...I'll have to call u back
and let u now whats going on ...
ok no problem.

Now this is the same conversation I had with her two
wks ago when she was to go to seafood weekend.
Somethings I really don't wont to know anyway !

Now with's simple's minds simple pleasure's...
Do u or don't's it and thats dat... No song no
dance. ..yes or no ..
Simple rite! >>>>Never<<<< But we try !

The path I choses is a simple and direct route to the rock . rite
across the tressel scary...what fun...
around the corner and up the hill.
So all climbs start from the Top today. Drop my rope
and we are off to the race'z. From my door to the top
of the ferry 2hrs...not too bad since I have to stop
and check in at the ranger station find a place to
{love that whislestop}
and then there is nothing left . But to walk the walk
and talk the talk
talk to myself is more like it...Oh and take pics.

I recorded every breath, every roar of the train as they
went rumbling by. It was a misty dark day atop the hills and
valleys which just add to all the mystical values
My first drop was the left side of the Sign.
After I got the luggestic of it. Things went just fine
walk rite up...well stopping every 4 seconds to record
momment...really every 4 sec.
I was stopping in the cruxs moves to
sing my song... dancing my dance.
Just trying to savor each and ever moment in time.
Boy this is sooo nice. Where the Shenandoah meets the Potomac and
the rivers that rise . You have the little town of Harpers
Ferry .Just magical with the church steeples the graveyards atop the
hills all the littleshops, houses and the train station. It's all
truly a christmas garden . Ah yes a wonderland to behold for your
eyes only. The hikers the bikers the people you see along the way
moving in these steps of time .

It's just sprickling a little and only when atop this great hill of mine.

The second and last drop of the day was the main face .
Back to the luggestic...traverse right down the ramp to the left... wait .. .
Does my rope touch ? maybe I should paulse a moment... take it all
in ... tuck myself in under this overhang... reflect upon the things
that I have done the things I would like to do. I now my rope will
reach the first belay to say the least. Lets take a look . ok...
back right then down over this small overhang . wait ...small over
hang ... can I get back up this . Hmm...let me tuck myself back in
again...reflect. Ah yes. here again. Over looking the wild and
Yes... this is far enough.
lets sit talk for awhile . remember days gone buy. watch the tides
arise and the river that flow throw it .
What a view. what a day. magical I tell you. just magical.

don't ask and I wont tell
For This is for your Iz only
when you are ready you shall see the ways


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