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Gifts for Climbers

Submitted by j_ung on 2005-11-30

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Iím not a big fan of the holidays. It has nothing to do with my personal religious beliefs and it has nothing to with a troubled childhood, repressed memories of not getting the toy train I wanted or the cat chewing the X-mas lights and frying all the presents. No, for me itís the rampant commercialism. And thatís exactly why I struggled with whether or not to post a list of reviews for things that might make good holiday presents for climbing partners. Are we jumping on the commercial bandwagon? Have I become a Black Friday whore? Yes to both questions, but at least I wonít play holiday music while youíre reading.

All of these items are gifts for climbers that donít involve actual climbing gear, since climbing gear would be so unoriginal and in many cases way too expensive for gifts. Count on all of these to be sub-$30.

Pitch Video Magazine
It's a video! It's a quarterly magazine! It's an idea whose time has come.
Darn Tough Socks
The best sock ever. Who cares? You will.
The Art of Coursesetting
Aspiring and experienced coursesetters will love this book, as will home wall owners.
Return 2 Sender
Peter Mortimer is at it again! Indian Creek trad! Greenland bigwall! Soloing! Bouldering! Timmah!
Gunther's Big Day
So you sent V9, eh? Now try it the legitimate way. Heh heh heh...
Perfect for East Coast climbers... especially sweaty ones!
X Chalk
Dry sweat and sooth your hands, all at the same time.
Rock Chalk
Not your parents' environmentally friendly colored chalk.


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Pretty cool list for 2005! Are you going to put up an updated list for 2011? There are a lot more gift-sized climbing doodads out there these days, and a lot more climbers. Not so much as gift ideas for climbing partners, but rather to help out clueless parents and SOs of climbers everywhere, I've started compiling good ideas at -- would welcome your suggestions!

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