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Taking Care of Shoes and buying them

Submitted by treyr on 2002-03-14 | Last Modified on 2010-02-26

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I know from my own experience that shoes are a climber’s favorite thing and maybe even the most important tool. So here are a few tips to make your shoes last longer. Tip number one take your shoes off after you climb.

If not your shoes can get messed up when you walk on gravel or dirt. The next tip is that I know it may be convenient but do not walk on your shoes or stand on the back. This makes the shoes stretch and they may not fit as well. Also do not leave them in direct sunlight this can make the shoes fade and wear the material. All of these will cause your shoe to wear and tear. If you take these precautions you will not need to make a trip to the climbing shop as soon. When you are finished climbing use a wire brush to wipe the bottom of the shoe off gently. This lets the rubber last longer. The rubber is the whole point of having climbing shoes for it gives you the traction needed to climb and gives you the best traction.

Also keep your shoes in a shoe caddy or bag for best protection. I hope this helps and I know that if you follow these tips your shoes will last longer. There are many brands of shoes out there and it is hard to choose the right one. First of all you don't always have to buy the most expensive shoe. Plus always shop around for you will probably find a better shop. First look at how much you are willing to spend if you are looking to spend over $100 I would love towards five ten. They are a very popular shoe that are very expensive. If looking to spend less money check out Boreal they make good shoes. If you go to Boreal's website they would look expensive. If you try you will find them at a very good price. But do not limit yourself to these brands look around and look at reviews.

Finding the right size is hard. Some shoes you need to get a smaller size. That is why I recommend going to a store and trying the shoes on. This will save you the hassle of returning them if you buy the wrong size off the Internet. As you can see purchasing shoes is a very delicate process. For finding the right shoes, size, and taking care of the shoes might seem like a big hassle. But if you take all of these precautions then you will be happy with the results.


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