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Rock Climbing : Articles : General : The Devil Went Down to Cali.

The Devil Went Down to Cali.

Submitted by coldclimb on 2004-02-16

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The Devil went down to Cali, he was looking for a wall to feel,
He was in a bind 'cause he couldn't climb and he was willing to make a deal.
When he came across this old man toying with a number two cam he'd bought.
And his evil heart jumped and his blood it pumped, he said "Boy let me tell you what."

"Don't seem like you'd be up to it, 'cause you look as though you're through,
But if you ain't scared to go up there I'll partner up with you.
Now you've been over the hill old man, but give the Devil his due,
If we reach that goal it'll make your soul as light as you ever knew."

The man said "My name's Johnny," as his face lit with a grin,
"And we'll get there yet, you can bet on that, now rack up and clip in.

Johnny you'd better triple check and be on your best gaurd,
'Cause death's in California and the devil, he climbs hard.
And if you send you'll feel that summit fire burning bold,
But if you fall, the devil get's your soul.

The devil tied a figure eight in the end of Johnny's rope,
And he cackled with a flame toothed grin as he started nice and slow.
He tossed a well aimed rock down hard and trembled as it missed,
And Johnny said "When we reach the top you sure are gonna be pissed."

Well the devil finished up that pitch and they climbed till setting sun,
With that demon trying every trick he could not to be outdone.

"Devil you might as well be done.
I've had you beat since the climb begun.
And if you still think you can get my soul,
I'll send you to the rocks below."

They summited at midnight and the air it smelled so sweet,
And Johnny turned and grabbed that evil old conniving cheat.
Johnny said, "Devil thanks for the climb," as he looked at where they'd been.
And then he threw that demon off the cliff, and watched his final spin.

He yelled, "Devil it's about time you're done.
I've had you beat since the climb begun.
Aint no way you can take my soul,
Cause you're spread across those rocks below."

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