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The Shoe Hunt

Submitted by brogan on 2002-03-01 | Last Modified on 2010-02-26

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Shoes, they're a funny thing you hunt for them, asked about them, try them on and then live with them. The first time I bought shoes I went to the local REI store and selected the most expensive pair I could find. They were a pair of Scarpa Dominators. That was six years ago now and they are worn out. I looked into having them resoled, but I am a gearhead that means that it's time to hunt for new pair. And just like you I need to go around to shops and ask all sorts of silly questions and look for the most expensive pair again, but nothing seems to compare to my old standby the solid black Scarpa.

The day before I was ready to send them to the resoler I came across a pair of 2001 Scarpa Dominators. They are on sale for $98. I have to have them. So I lay down the plastic and take them home, but in my haste they are a half size too small. I tried to climb around with them on, but my foot is curled into a 'C' shape. When I smear it's like grabbing on to something with my toenail.

So I go back to the shop guru and that tell him my story. He says fill the shoes with hot water and where them around for two hours or until they have dried. I am sitting here now on my computer with warm wet feet wondering what I'm gonna do with these shoes that were such a great deal and a half size too small. If this doesn't work I was told I could go to a cobbler and have them stretched, but every time I go to the rock at still rather slip on the pair of the out of date black shoes I've always loved.


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