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Using mIRC

Submitted by jules on 2002-09-06

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Installing mIRC

mIRC is a chatting client for Windows that will allow you to visit the chatroom. It is a quick download and offers many more features than the java client. If you plan on chatting frequently it's probably a good idea to set it up on your computer. You can also access other chat rooms (called "channels") from here with little work.

First, point your browser to Pick whichever link is nearest to you. Save the file (should look like "mirc602.exe" or something similar) somewhere where you'll be able to find it again-- I usually just save it to the desktop.

Once it's done downloading, you'll have to find that file and open it. The installation is very simple and should only take a minute. Then, find the link to mIRC (it should be on your start menu and/or desktop) and open up the program. [page] Configuring mIRC

mIRC no. 1

This should be the first thing you'll see. Uncheck the box and close this window to proceed.

mIRC no. 2

This is what will pop up next. You need to make it look like this:

mIRC no. 3

Once everything is filled out, click "Connect to IRC server" (located near the center of the diaglogue box) and wait for it to connect. [page] Registering Your Nick

Now you are connected to the server. You'll see a bunch of text on the server window. You should now register your nickname (called a "nick").

mIRC no. 4

Here I changed my nick to "fiend". This nick is already registered, so it won't let me keep it. If you get a message like this, you'll need to choose a new nick. If you want to change your nick to "climber", type "/nick climber". Once you find a nick that's not registered, you can register it.

To register your nickname with the password "climbrocks", type "/msg NickServ REGISTER climbrocks". Make your password something that isn't easy to guess. Now there are just a few more things you can to do make it easier for you to chat.

[page] More Configuring mIRC

Go to "File -> Options -> Connect -> Options" next. Make it look like this:

mIRC no. 5

Go to "File -> Options -> Connect -> Perform". Make this part look like this, with your password replacing "yourpassword".

mIRC no. 6

Now hit "okay" and close the program. Open it up again and you should connect to the server, log in, and join the channel automatically. If you need any additional help there will usually be someone in there that can help you. Enjoy!
Other IRC clients are available at:


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