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Rock Climbing : Articles : General : Winter Skies and Days of New

Winter Skies and Days of New

Submitted by dennyg on 2005-12-14 | Last Modified on 2010-02-26

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One week to go, my friends, and the days will be getting longer. Winter starts and days of new will be upon us. With the full moon tonite to greet us. Ah, yes, starry starry nights. Venus is so big and bright, you would think it's a plane in the early evening sky. Crescent moon wont be far behind. The last, I was returning from Safe Harbor. Wow, what a night. I'll have to find those pics. Yes, it's Venus that crescents the moon. All so pretty.

What a cold and snowy day when I returned from North Carolina. I spent 4 days, watching the smoke rise. Just thinking of the weather brought a shiver to my bones. Where is the sun anyway? With new days to come, I cherish the thought of just sitting by my fire, thinking of days gone bye. Cold and snowy days, just thinking. Just thinking about the weather, I shiver and quiver... So it's time, yes it's time.

For new days to come.

So keep an eye to the sky and watch these days with me. Stardust will be falling from the sky while I watch big bear in the early morning. So watch these skies with me.

Winter nights and chilly mornings.

These are the times I watch the night skies. Because the nights belong to me and you. Because the night belongs to me and wish upon these nights with me. See the winter night with me and the mountains will win again. These are the time's I cherish.

From North to South and East and West, the long winter nights will come to an end and days of new will be here for you and I. With a shiver in my bones, what a cold and snowy day for me, for it's such a long time for me...

Floating downward and I fall again. What a cold and wintry day, as far as I can see.

And if you think I'm giving up on you... you're crazy... so lets give them something to talk about on these starry, starry nights.

Just thinking about the weather, I shiver and quiver and my lines are clear.


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