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Without Warning

Submitted by livinonasandbar on 2004-08-26

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Without Warning

Her voice came softly from far below.
I climbed a little faster
so that I might descend a little sooner,
and cast my eyes upon her face.

She smiled, said hello, and I was lost.
I knew it, then and there.
But afraid of becoming an unbecoming fool,
I doused the hope that kindled my heart.

We climbed, we talked, I savored her laughter
like sweet breath before a kiss.
And then she cursed, with boldness and abandon!
Her playful glance I received as a gift.

From that moment, both joy and fear
grew unchecked within my chest.
Joy from the thought she might enter my life;
fear that I was but a dreamer.

Each hour became a day, and each day a week.
Surreptitiously, I conspired to be near her.
In need of courage, I craved a word or a touch…
And then she joined me, alone.

Feelings, long thought lost, arose without warning
and stormed throughout my being.
I drank from her cup as one dying from thirst:
Listening, watching, holding her hand.

Soft auburn hair with the scent of wild grasses;
alabaster skin smoother than milk.
Eyes that see through me, a smile that disarms me.
I am suddenly, totally, cast adrift.

Our future’s unknown, barriers loom abundant:
Distance, commitments, and age…
But, if love blooms, together we’ll find our way
For, after all, life is good.


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