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Submitted by texasutfan2008 on 2005-07-12

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When I first set foot on the infamous rock it was in December 2003. To be perfectly honest with you I had no idea what I was getting my self into nor did I have any idea of how much climbing would come to change my life. Over time climbing has become not just my lifestyle but my life.

That December,and the many months that would follow, proved difficult for me. I had no yet had the opportunity to experiance the joy of outdoor climbing so climbing plastic was pretty much all I knew. Because of this unfortunate detail I found it hard to get into the sport immediatley. I mean I know there are those people who get into climbing right from the beginning but I just wasn't one of them.

On the average climbing day I would come into the gym sit down and talk to the people there for most of the day. If I was feeling particularly venturesome I would try a couple routes half-heartedly before going back to talk some more. I remember looking at the other female climbers at my local gym and wondering how in the hell they had come to get that good? I would sit there and watch them climb in desperate hopes that one day I might come to get that good but I just didn't seem to grasp the concept that in order to get better I had to climb more and talk less.

Then summer came and it was a whole new ball game for me. At last there was nothing standing between me and greatness as a climber. There was no school to wear me down and no parents constantly bugging me to mantain my B average. All there was was time, time to let go and time to grow. And in that time I put all things aside to discover my potenial as a climber and to do something about it. There was no longer the desire to talk to my fellow peers, only the need to climb. I would find myself at the gym almost every day of it all.

During that summer I made the leap from 5.8s to steadily working 5.10s. During that summer I discovered the joy of climbing outdoors and how pointless plastic was. At the beginning of that summer I learned to tape up my hands to aviod tearing them up. By the end of that summer I had learned that limestone will find a way to tear up your hands no matter how many rolls of tape you put on them.

So what was it exactly that changed my views of climbing so dramatically? I guess I would have to say a lot of it had to do with my fellow climbers at Boulders Sport Climbing Center because they are the ones who will get real with you. they are possibly the only people I know you will just get the point by telling me to get off my ass and climb even if I feel like giving it up. They are the ones who have years of experiance on you and aren't afraid to remind you of that. But all in all I have to thank them because even though sometimes they piss me off they are a big part of my life. They never let me give up on myself even when I want to quit and that is why every day I find myself needing them more than ever.

School has since started back up and I find myself finding it harder to dedicate to the sport just because of the ways school tends to bum you out but I'll get there but until them all I can do is thank those who have come to help me along the way... so thanks Mouse, Turnbo, Koko, Kaitlyn, Levi, Jesse, Chris, Emma, Ash, Milo, Indi, BJ, Ben, B, Brittnee, and of course Jared. I love you guys, Steph


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