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John Scurlock: Peaks of the Northwest - 2009-02-07 by J. Young

John Scurlock: Peaks of the Northwest If you've been to any of these places, you might have seen John Scurlock in his Vans RV6.
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Photo Essay: The Birds' Nests Collectors of Thailand - 2008-12-04 by Simon Ramsden

Photo Essay: The Birds' Nests Collectors of Thailand Recently, a handful of western climbers secured anchors...
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Photography Feature: Simon Carter - 2008-01-02 by onsight

Photography Feature: Simon Carter "Climbing has given me some of the best times of my life. I became pretty addicted to it soon after discovering it twenty something years ago. At the time I was also really into photography and combining the two seemed a natural progression. Climbing becomes more of a way of life than a sport."
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Photography of Tim Kemple - 2007-01-24 by timkemple

Photography of Tim Kemple A photo feature by renowned climbing photographer Tim Kemple. "Im not a writer so Im not going to try and wow people with my words I pour my heart into making photographs and these are the ones with great stories, fun characters, and progressive photo techniques. Enjoy!"
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Color photographs into b&w the right way, and more ... - 2006-02-18 by boondock_saint

A quick and hopefully helpful article/tutorial on smart handling of images in Photoshop, particularly the conversion of color images into black and white.
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Preparing photos for the Gallery - 2003-04-13 by biff

Learn the basiscs of resizing and compression to get photos on the photo gallery
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